Friday, August 14, 2015


Massive massive important news  - Digby - The rubber duck that we found in a hire car on The Great Ocean Road in Australia is back......and he now has a bow-tie.

Yeah that's right, I know you have all been waiting for some Digby news and with nothing much else going on over here in Winnipeg (apart from moving int our new house next week, but that's not really news is it!) we finally got Digby out of his hibernation (Rubber ducks suffer terribly from travel sickness and jet lag and so Digby has been sleeping it off in a cardboard box since May) and dressed him up, before sitting him proudly on the dashboard of the little yellow piss coloured fiesta that we call 'Our Car'....... He now watches over us, as we negotiate the crazy and crap drivers of old Winnipeg town...

Digby pointing out the Burger King where we spent BKKL day this year!
Other things have also happened here in The Peg....

Buffy and myself had a couple of nights out  - One to The Fort Garry Hotel, where we met up with Jonathan the piano genius and a good mate - He was playing and singing there as he does sometimes and so we dressed up and popped along to the old art deco style bar there to watch him play - Thanks as normal to his quick thinking as he played 'Rule Brittania' on our entrance and then invited Buffy up to sing a couple of tunes - a lovely night out and always good fun!

Singing and playing

We also attended one of the Folkorama pavilions this year - Folklorama celebrates the different nationalities from around the world who live here and we enjoyed a good night out at the British Pavilion - A great opportunity to drink Boddingtons, eat pasty and chips with gravy and watch the traditional British entertainment - such as Morris dancing, Scottish Broom dancing and Welsh Broom dancing (No, me neither!) Buffy aso made it onto the stage and took part in a short pub quiz where she won a finger of fudge (is just enough to give your kids a treat)

Huge crowds!

Nice menu!

There was even a display of sheepdog trials - even though the sheep were tamer than a dog getting his belly tickled! Still a fun night!
Sheep worrying!! Not!¬!
We also spent a lovely lazy weekend with Adam and Alena at the cabin. We had invited them along to get away from it all for a few days and it was great. A lovely evening around the camp fire and sat on the swim dock watching shooting stars was followed by a lovely afternoon lazing in the sun and swimming in the lake. Then good food, a few gin and tonics, a ride out on the boat and a baby vole all completed a really mellow, nice and peaceful weekend - plus it was the first real good sunny weekend we have had there this year!
Sunny evening at the lake

Alena and Buffy catching up on old yearbooks watched by Boo!!

Baby vole for dinner....
 You may also be aware that this time next week, as long as nothing goes wrong, we will finally be able to go 'home'..... We get the keys for our new house next Thursday afternoon and take possession at midnight. Next Friday we will move in and start to settle down. Buffy is rather excited and for me its something to do I suppose...haha. For now though we have just moved back into Buffs mum and dads basement with all of our stuff packed up and ready to go next week.... We must say thank you to Stef and Cindy for allowing us to look after their house for the last two months - Its a funny place with buses shaking the ground as they pass and the tree trunk coffee table, but we really enjoyed living there for the last 8 weeks and were quite sad to leave today!! Thanks you two!!!

Stuff in boxes

Stuff in bags and boxes

Stuff in piles!
 We have bought a few chairs and an old stereo from Kijiji -  the local buy and sell website over here for our new house but I also found some quite weird and sad adverts on there while looking at the site...I thought you may be interested to see some of them......

1. The Cat Pillow.
Look at the explanation - Yep it simply states '  Its a cat Pillow'. Class and maximum effort!

2. The Futon.
OK, so someone bought a futon and then their dad bpught(sic) them a love seat (that's a 2 seater sofa to all the normal people out there) A pretty weird explanation, plus I want to see a photo. Try harder next time!
3.The Frog potty.
I was tempted to get this for the future, but decided I didn't want to buy a used potty, even if it has only been used by one child! Maybe I should take a look at the other baby ads!

4.The Green Iphone.
Not such an unusual advert - a typical apple user wanting the very latest phone.
No low ballers though, he will ignore anyone offering a low price, but will lower the price if negotiated....Eh? What?  - KNOB.

5. Gymnastic bars

So you bought these for your daughter but they don't work for what we were wanting....
So, what did you actually want them to do? As far as I know there isn't much else that Gymnastic bars are for......Did you want to use them to dry clothes? Maybe for use as a home security device or instead of a Frog!?!? Oh yeah, they also have a pommel horse.....KNOB 2!
6. Religion

Someone somewhere had a bad weekend. Maybe they woke up in bed with a stranger or drank 5 bottles of Vodka and took a dump in a frog potty while spinning around unwanted uneven bars - whatever happened they lost their faith and will now surely go to hell..... There were actually 3 Religious pictures for sale.... I hope they seek forgiveness!!

7. Wedding shower props.
I really feel for the next advertiser. Read the ad and you can imagine the effort and time spent creating 150 hand painted clothes pegs. Then the 150 lips and moustaches stuck onto sticks for some obscure game........But sadly, most were not even used and they expected more people. This one nearly made me cry! I was tempted to call up and try to buy just one peg or pair of lips...... They are so well made!! 


8. He deserves better...
She is no longer needing it!!
Ok, so I understand that not everything in life works out. So what to do with an unwanted engagement ring. Don't do anything that takes too much effort - Instead just stick it on Kijiji for someone else to buy...
Maybe the worst part of this one is that someone else who wants to propose would actually look on Kijiji as somewhere to buy an engagement ring. How happy would be blushing bride be to find out that's where it came from....
No low ballers  - you will be ignored - Just like her ex is no doubt!
You had a lucky escape mate!!


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