Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mums helicopter trip - meeting Rob and the penny machine...

Sorry to anyone who likes to read this blog often and keep up to date with sorry to anyone who hates having to read this blog but feels a sudden impulse to do so everytime they see an update. The first apology is because its been a month since the last update and the second one is because - here you are - a new post!

Its been a hectic month with work, family and friends - Work has been very busy for both me and Buffy. She has been working constantly at home whilst I have done a fair bit of being on call - including one night when I went out just after 10pm and didn't arrive home till mid morning. Its all good though with plenty of overtime being paid.

We managed to meet up with an old mate of mine recently - Rob Dewison - I was at school with Rob and have know him for over 30 years now. He is my oldest friend. We actually met up with him one evening near Old Trafford as we were both going to United's last friendly match at before the start of the season. It was great to see Rob and his son Bailey and share a couple of beers with him before the match. Hopefully we will see him again soon.

The match itself was OK, if not brilliant -we were lucky enough to get near to the tunnel though so we got close to the players as they came out...
David in goal
Close up on a camera

Nani arrives  - before he left

Players emerge from the tunnel

Herrera and Chicharito (Before he left)

Another day out later in the week found me and Buffy down at the Manchester ship canal and the wonderful aqueduct which carries the Bridgewater canal over it. This is an amazing structure which works like a mix of a lock and a swing bridge... we used to come here as kids with dad and its somewhere I always wanted to come back to after dad died. I LOVE IT HERE.

Boat passes over...

The gates close

and the canal swings away!

We have had mum visiting Manchester for the last week. She has been out and about quite a lot as Chris arranged to get a small mobility scooter for her to use. She got out visiting old friends and also to Catherine's and Brenda's houses too. It was really nice to have mum here for the week and I hope she enjoyed it.

The main reason she was here though was to finally take the helicopter trip that was meant for her and dad for their 50th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately dad never made it that far and so on the day itself me and mum took the trip. We left from Barton aerodrome and flew out along the M62 towards Birchwood, before turning back and flying over Urmston and Trafford Park. Then we flew over Salford Quays and Uniteds ground before returning back over Urmston and Flixton. Mum seemed to really enjoy it after being nervous in the morning. She had a big smile on her face as she landed definitely loved the trip.

Here are a few photos and videos of the day..

Finally, when we took mum back to Skegness, I managed to complete the restoration of the old Penny machine by fitting new glass and a new piece of wood for the penny drawer at the front.
Here are some new pics and a video of it working - Buffy actually wins too!!

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