Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yorkshire - beers and pupppet horses!

Its been a while since I could say this - but we have actually had a really good last week...

It all started last week, when we were looking at something to do over the weekend. We had no plans and were trying to arrange  a night away somewhere but even Llandudno was just too expensive. We decided instead to head off up to Harrogate for en evening with Matt and Nikki who have just arrived back from their 6 month honeymoon trip.
A few quick messages back and forth and it was arranged - a nice night out in Harrogate on Saturday night. However, when I woke up on Saturday morning, after a week on call and a Thursday nihght when I worked till 2am and then 4am till midday, i wasnt really feeling to chuffed about a night on the lash. But upon looking outside I spotted a lone magpie in a tree and we all know that one magpie is 'For trouble', so I knew it would turn out to be a good night!

This was taken while I lay naked in my bed! I have a good zoom on my camera! I do think he could see me though..

We headed off up to Harrogate about lunchtime as it had neen raining most of the morning. On the way we drove through the lovely Yorkshire dales - through little villages and across moors that just please the eye as you pass. Eventually we passed Harrogate and decided to take a quick trip to Knaresborough and 'Mother Shiptons Cave'. This is a wonderful little attraction - in fact Englands oldest tourist attraction, being nearly 500 years old -  where teddy bears, hats and everything else you could think of,  including a pair of pants - are hung under a waterfall which petrifies it all - turning it to stone. Mother Shipton was supposedly someone who could foresee the future ane was born in a cave right next to the petrifying waterfall.
Petrification on an Ewok!

The standard teddy bear petrification

..and some pants

We had a lovely hour wandering around the gardens, knocking pennies into a huge log and listening to the story of Mother Shipton and her prophesies as well as exploring the cave and waterfall itself, before heading down to Matt and Nikkis in Harrogate itself.
Buffterlixious knocking a penny into a log..it seemed like a good idea...

Lots of other people have doen it too and theres a big hammer to help

Mother Shipton statue in the cave
So - the night out with Nikki and Matt begun well with a beer - then after a wander into town we had a lovely Thai meal  - with some beers - followed by a quick walk across town to the local Wetherspoons - a huge pub where we spent the rest of the evening - with a few more beers. Eventually after sitting and chatting all night we ended up home at about 2am and finished off with another beer - the next morning we decided that this had been a bad idea as we all sat with headaches and nausea after drinking far too much - Luckily, Buffy helped us all feel better with a lovely big breakfast of Cnadian pancakes and bacon - nom nom nom...

Great night out..

Great big breakfast!
After recovering on Sunday morning we made our way back to Manchester via the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway - A lovely working steam railway that runs through the beautiful Yorkshire dales. We had been wanting to take a trip on a steam train for ages but finally managed to take a trip on the train this weekend. We parked at Keighley and travelled the full length of the railway - about 25  minutes - to the  last station at Oxenhope before taking the 'Railway ChildreWalk' back through the stunning countryside, alongside a little stream back towards Haworth and Oakworth - the famous little station featured in the Railway Children film. It was a lovely afternoon with great weather and the perfect way to enjoy a sunday afternoon - Stunning trains, beautiful countryside and steam trains!

Waiting to depart

Our train!

Cute dog on train.
A wander through the countryside

Which way?
                                                          Off we go - !!

Our next night out was on Monday, when we went along with Emma to see Warhorse at The Lowry. I must admit, I didnt know much about the show - but it was brilliant. The horses, which if you dont know are huge puppets with two men inside and are so realistic its scary. They are so obviously the stars of the show and the story of how they end up at war and followed by their teenage owner is really fantastic. We realised on the way to the theatre that it coincided with teh 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1 and we wondered if there would be anything special abou the show, since it was based at that time and during that war. We were then brough to tears at the end when as a special finale a song was sung to rememer the fallen and as a sign of respect all the actors removed theor shoes and boots and left them on the stage in ranks as if worn by soldiers. It was a moving and emotional finale and great way to remember the anniversary. Well done to all at Warhorse.

The boots left on stage in memory of the fallen

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