Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fighting postmen? Weird shit and winning stuff - again!!

Its a sunny and bright Sunday afternoon and as I sit next to the crazy dog on the sofa, its time to update the blog with what has been occurring over the last couple of weeks....

Ill start with work -
Asda has been pretty crazy and busy during the first couple of weeks of February and as with anything busy, its made us the drivers work harder and make the odd mess up. Just like everyone else I messed up once - driving off with the power cable still attached to the van. This in turn pulled off the electrical connector from the van leaving the internal wires dangling. Not a major fault for me but still a daft thing to do...


Shhh no one will know!

I didn't mess up as much as Nathan did though - he ran out of the pod as I returned one evening and I thought that someone had died or at least been badly hurt - but in fact he had managed to break the huge heavy door to the freezer. It was lying against the wall totally removed from the hinges. He still won't admit what he did to do this and the freezer is still knackered!

That's not where it should be!

Completely fooked hinges

Nathan didn't want his photo taken

Away from work, we had a visit from another of my army mates - Dan came up to take part in the Thursday night pub quiz and also have a night out down the Melville. We came third in the quiz and celebrated with £10 worth of free booze. A good night out and this was followed by a visit the next day to the Imperial War Museum, where after looking around the exhibits and smelling things like 'cheesy feet' from the  trenches, we went up the viewing platform that gives great views over Manchester from United on one side past BBC and Media City to the brand new set of Coronation street on the other side. It was a cold windy day however so we didn't stay up there too long.

Dan outside the IWM

Naa, na na naa naaa naaaaa.....Coronation street

A nice panorama from BBC to United!
Dan wasn't around on Valentines evening but me and Buffy went along to the pub again to take art in Dave's 'Mr and Mrs' Quiz. We were one of four couples to answer questions about each other and score points by matching our answers. After getting the first question wrong we did really well and ended up with 10 out of 12 correct. The other three couples couldn't match us and the highest other score  was 9 out of 12  - so we won. We expected to win another £10 of beer but were really pleasantly surprised when we were presented with a bottle of champagne, flowers, chocolates and the main prize of a night in a JW Lees hotel sometime. Not bad at all for what was a bit of fun!!

Daves advert for the Valentines night quiz

We thought we would win one of these!

Sutton and Lorna get another one wrong!

Buffs happy¬!!

We did share the champagne with the other contestants

and Dave enjoyed a chocolate or two!
In other news I have been taking note of some weird stuff that I have seen around on my Asda rounds - here's a couple of the things I have seen...

Read the sign - attacked for what?

Yes, that's a horse parked outside the flats. Its probably hard to get it in the lift!

I don't need to say anything!!!
Oh yes - a customer named 'I FAT BUTT!'

I spotted more weird stuff on a day out shopping....

How does this work?

I understand this!!

The penultimate bit now -  when Dan was here he had a boot full of army stuff  - so Buffy had he opportunity to try on a Gas Mask - correctly called a's how she looked...

And finally  one day after I got up late I  spotted a Royal Mail postman and a TNT postman heading for the same house from opposite directions. I felt sure that there would be some kind of fight or stand off - but what really happened?


They just said hello and went by their business!! No fun at all!

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