Tuesday, February 4, 2014



OK, its not a full post, but if you do read this blog then you are one of the many who have been responsible for my favourite bit - the statistics page

I look at the page every now and then to see who has been reading along,  where they live in the world and most importantly - the total number of views. This is the amount of times someone has looked at the blog.
This is the map view I see - It shows the countries where someone has viewed the blog.

You can see from the screenshot below that this total is now just a few short of 40,000. That's only 100 or so below Chelsea's average home attendance.
Just short of 40, 000 views!!

So, if you are reading this, I would like to say  BIG THANK YOU for wasting so much of your valuable time reading all the rubbish and bullshit I post every now and then.

I can also see which of the posts have had the most views overall - surprisingly the top posts are:-

1. Squirrels with machine guns  Open now
2. singinintherainparkingticketquizscores  Heres a link to it!
3. mr-tango-orlando-and-monkey-cat-waving-cat-thing Click this to open

if you want to look at these again just click the links...

Here's the list of most popular pages!

 If you want to see ANY of the old pages, there is a link to ALL POSTS on the right hand side somewhere!!

Me and Buffy have a few plans for the coming months, so as normal the blog will continue, with just as much bumph and bollocks as normal.

So please keep checking for updates when you have nothing else to do and I promise we will soon reach 50,000 and more!!!

Cheers again....

The international Gypsy of Mystery.


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