Friday, January 3, 2014

Xmas snow, muddy puddles and our versions of Harry Potter and Hermione.

The madness is over for another year - all the hassle and stress associated with Chrimbo and the new years celebrations can be consigned to history until we repeat it all again starting in about 10 months time. To be honest, it wasnt that mad or stressful for me or anyone else around here. The maddest and most stressful bit was for me the last full weekend of work before the big day itself. Of course everyone needs their shopping, but the numbers of people taking to the internet and getting me and my fellow Asda drivers to bring round their sausage rolls and multipacks of lager  was just immense. We actually ran out of room and boxes to pack all the shopping into and doubled up on the vans - two drivers per van over the weekend, so that we could deliver all the shopping on time and get the van back as soon as possible for yet another load. It wasnt that mental at all once we got out on the road, but in the 'pod'. where the boxes are stored before delivery it was a bit mad to say the least.
About half of the boxes meant for delivery...

Normally that area is empty - today it was like a maze of boxes!

Christmas itself was a lot of fun. Myself and Buffy had a quiet Christmas day - opening our presents after a lie in, we then had pancakes for breakfast before taking the mad dog out for a long afternoon walk in Longford Park. Taz is normally ready to come home after half an hours running around, but on Xmas day we spent over an hour wandering around the large area of Longford and Taz loved every minute. He was jumping off walls and chasing his ball into deep muddy puddles and being just as mental as ever. It was a very British Xmas day, with kids and families messing about on new bikes and with new footballs on a lovely bright and sunny afternoon. The rest of the day was spent eating pizza (Yep, Pizza on Xmas day) and then an evening in front of the telly before a nice skype call to all of Buffys family in Winnipeg and the views of the deep snow outside. Buffy had missed the snow and so I had already treated her other own little snowstorm. One of her presents was a little tub of fake snow which when added to water was incredibly realistic and seemed to make her day!
Buffy enjoying her snow!!
Mixing it up.

Its not real, but its pretty good!!
Xmas day in the park
                                               Taz in a particularly muddy Xmas puddle!

                                                He really did enjoy that particular puddle!!

Boxing day came around and so we all piled into the cars and drove across the country for a late Xmas dinner with mum and dad in Skegness. Chris drove withe kids - Abbie, Jo and Peter and proved just how much better his broken legs are getting. We arrived after a chat we all swapped Xmas presents again - including some stupid presents for the kids - I gave them an Xbox, Playstation and Ipad  - actually the presents were - A box with X written on it (Xbox), a tiny wooden railway station (Playstation) and a pad for when you have an eye injury or infection (Ipad)  - Photos were taken on Peters new camera, but I havent managed to get copies yet - I will post them if I get hold of them, but for now just imagine three kids looking slightly confused and you get the idea!! haahaa

A lovely big Christmas dinner cooked by my mum was enjoyed by all, followed a walk along the beach with the kids and then it was suddenly 11pm and time for bed.

The remains of a great dinner!
The next morning we all headed into town and took over the local cafe for a big breakfast together. We just about managed to squeeze everyone around a couple of tables and scoffed our way through bacon butties and coffees. Peter decided that I didnt have enough hats on at one point and we then spent the next hour wandering around town checking out the sales, whilst Peter annoyed me and i tried to put him into the rubbish bins around town. Haahaa good fun all around!

I have no idea, but Peter enjoyed it!

He wouldnt fit in the bin though
The days between Xmas and New Year have always been a bit strange for me. In my army Career they were usually days off or swapover days between Xmas or New Year duties. So it made a nice change this year to get a couple of normal days work to split up the two festivities. Nothing specifically exciting happened but it was different that trying to find someone to go to the pub when they are skint and having to work like it was in the old days.

New Years was great. Paul and Sophie were hosting a New Years eve fancy dress (Costume) party. The theme was Film and TV, so myself and Buffy decided to go as Harry Potter and Hermione. It was fun t shop around the school uniform area in Asda and discover that Buffy easily fits in to a school skirt meant for a 14 year old girl! Cheap Harry Potter glasses were bought along with Griffyndor ties from Amazon and twp shapely twigs were quickly found to be perfect matches for the famous wands used in Hogwarts. The costumes were completed with badges printed off with the Griffyndor emblem on them. All in all pretty good really!

Emma and Chris - Hippie and Lt Dan

Hermione and Harry!
The party was great with everyone dressed up - Batman was there alongside Emma as a Hippie girl and Chris used his wheelchair to his advantage to become Lieutenant Dan, from Forrest Gump! Somehow me and Buffy managed to attract the attention of one of the kids at the party - Lewis, who was dressed as one of the 118 118 guys, spent most of the evening messing about with us both - and stealing my wand and poking me in the ear with it! We even took Lewis as one of our members of the quiz team and ended up winning the quiz - walking away with small plastic winners medals for our efforts. More beers were drunk and the obvious bongs of Big Ben greeted the midnight hour. Finally we left and wandered the two miles or so home on a cool and clear evening. That was it - the festivities finished it was time for bed and the start of a new year.

Buffy trying on the Hippie wig

Lewis poking me in the ear! WITH MY OWN WAND!

Batman coming into the garden to get a beer!
Im hoping this year to get around and see some of my old mates. So if you are reading this and you know me and want to meet Buffter, get in touch and we will arrange a night out with you!! It would be great to hear off everyone.  

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