Sunday, December 22, 2013

Crappy Christmas things on a stick and Skeleton Santa

Can you believe that this bloody blog has been going for over three years now? Its actually around 1200 days since I wrote the first bit of bumf about what shite goes on in my tiny mind and sad life! The thing is I enjoy writing down oodles of rubbish knowing that someone somewhere is wasting their time reading through it! It interesting and keeps me amused, but I'm glad that every now and then someone unexpected comes up in conversation and I hear that they read my blog every now and to you, your mum, your dog and all the neighbours that can find nothing else to do of any worth, I would like to say a big thank you and its a pleasure sitting down, with my bad neck and all, to waste my own time putting even more rubbish onto the already overcrowded interweb. At least its not yet another funny cat or a video of someone being a dick. This is far more mundane!!

If you haven't noticed its now just a few days before Christmas and we are all ready for it. The presents are under the tree and the food is in the fridge. We have enough beer to keep us going for the next few days and after tomorrow, my busiest day of the year when every lazy bugar who cant be arsed going shopping sits around their house waiting for their 'Asda Santa', to arrive with their booze, wrapping paper and last minute presents for their underprivileged and over protected children. Its actually quite good fun listening to the wives shout at their husbands in the kitchen as they 'discuss' whether or not the 4 bottles of gin are enough for Xmas as I stand on their doorstep in the pouring rain waiting for a signature. Its all good fun!

Anyway, everyone around here is also ready for the festive season and with it all comes the hundreds of pounds spent on flashing lights and Xmas trees that will sit in their living rooms until they get thrown away and forgotten again early in the new year - or in the case of some people late on christmas day evening! I thought about posting a few pics of all the wild and wonderful displays, but in the end decided to go the other way and show the cheap and downright weird displays that I found when visiting the physio the other week....these include some baubles on sticks, a skeleton dressed as Santa and the smallest tree you have ever seen...if you don't believe me take a look

Modern festive art or cheap and last minute?

I actually really like this!

Its there - on the window sill....
We also visited my Auntie Brenda the other week with mum and spent a really nice hour or so catching up and chatting in the kitchen. While we were there Brenda showed us a strange Mrs Christmas doll, which looked remarkably similar to my mum..... what do you think?

Which one is mum?
Finally, me and Buffy decided to take a trip into town on the busiest shopping weekend of the year - not to shop though but to take a look around Manchester's award winning Christmas markets. There are now 8 different locations in the town centre where you can find all sorts of Festive stalls selling decorations, jewellery, hand carved ornaments and of course lots of food and beers.
We had a really nice afternoon looking around as well as trying out the various food and drink stalls and enjoying the Christmassy atmosphere. Unfortunately, as its so busy at work and I was working at 7am on the Sunday morning, we couldn't spend more time drinking and taking in the sights, so we headed home in early evening and had a quiet night it.


A good afternoon - Beer and Brattys!

Its the last day of the markets!

We also spotted a few of the 'living statues' in town . A lot of them seem to dress completely in white and do nothing  - but we did notice 'Predator man', having a break and a cig as well as 'Alien', having a good time in the middle of Market street. I also showed Buffy around 'Royal Exchange', which as well as a really cool old style Victorian building, it has a small theatre in the middle of it which looks like some kind of spaceship has landed. One of my favourite buildings in Manchester and a cool mix between modern and old style architecture.

City Centre Santa

Buffy at the markets

Royal Exchange theatre


Predator man having a break..
A quiet Sunday night in now enjoying a relaxing time before yet another busy day at work tomorrow - but after that its going to be a good couple of weeks, with just a few days work splitting up Xmas and New Year. I hope everyone reading this has a great Xmas and I look forward to filling you in on everything soon!! Cheers!!


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