Saturday, November 16, 2013

Burning Guy, dodgy shopping and scars!

 Its been the longest break I have ever taken between posts on the blog and that is for a good reason - Apart from working and sleeping, with the odd beer and quiz night thrown in for good measure, there has been very little other stuff going on - However, I will now endeavour to fill you in on anything that has happened that merits inclusion on the blog of all blogs....

So, November 5th here in UK, as most Brits know is Bonfire night. Its when we celebrate Guy Fawkes and his attempt to blow up the houses of parliament. Unfortunately because of the increase of interest in Halloween for the last few years, with its tacky costumes and kids introducing themselves to strangers to ask for a treat (Which if happened the other way around at any time of the year would lead to hundreds of adults being locked up!) has taken some of the shine off one of my favourite nights of the year. Give me a huge fire over sickly sweets given by a hairy old man anytime!

Anyway, this year we all got together with the kids and went to the huge bonfire down at Chassen Park in Urmston. We were joined on a windy night by hundreds of other people celebrating the night and huddling around the big bonfire complete with an effigy of Guy Fawkes himself, sitting atop the fire awaiting his fate.

The bonfire was followed by a 20 minute firework display which was good enough to rival that of Sydney on a New Years Eve.

The Guy ablaze at the top of the bonfire
The fire in all its glory

Hes dying!!
The crowd and the fire

In other news, Chris went to the hospital for a check up two weeks after leaving. He actually had his staples taken out of his legs and is now really well along the road to recovery. However, we did manage to get a couple of goo photos of the gory bits of his legs before the Staples were removed....

The mangled right leg....

The left leg wasn't that bad..

 Buffy's hair is still growing... its that long she now has her own tash for Movember....

 Out on the road for Asda I discovered one road that has a fantastic view down the valley and over the whole city of Manchester, you can see a photo of it below...

Also during the days of work with Asda I have come across a few weird and wonderful shopping orders, I have taken a photo of a couple of them below....
Classy shopping - £72 worth of cider and nothing else!!

 This next one has a really healthy diet..
Stella and Pizza - Guess that will be a good night in then -Its a pity the doughnuts were unavailable!!

Finally and leaving the best till last -Taz, the mental dog was sleeping the other day and this is what he looked like!! hahahahahah!! 
That's it for now - sorry there isn't much more exciting news - we will try and find more exciting stuff to tell you about in the next few weeks!!


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