Friday, August 2, 2013

Cat and mouse

Its another week closer to moving to the UK but with most stuff sorted we havent actually been too busy.
The busiest day this week was Monday evening when Buffy hosted the Wilderness Supply Works BBQ.

All 18 people who work at the two stores came around and spent the evening enjoying (I hope) the burgers, sausages and salads made by me and Buffy. The weather was cooler than recently, but the night went well and ended with us all sat around a nice fire in the back garden with a few beers.
where is the beer?

Nearly ready!

The highlight of the evening was provided by Ash - the cat!
Look what I found.....

You arent going anywhere mouse

Nom nom nom!!

Everyone was sitting chatting when someone spotted Ash appear from under the decking with something in his mouth. He waited till we all gathered around and then proceeded to drop teh item - It turned out to be a live (if fatally injured) mouse, which Ash then took great pride in playing with for a minute or two before putting it out of its misery and  enjoyed eating it in front of everyone! He could easily have done all this as he caught the mouse under the deck, but Im sure he wanted to show off to everyone who was here.
Enjoying a burger!

more food please!

Later on in the evening

Th rest of the week has been spent running - a lot - and getting ready for the move. We have finally booked the train to Toronto, leaving in less than two weeks and we have arranged for a few days camping when we visit Iceland for a week on the journey to the UK.

Its only 3 weeks today that we will arrive at Manchester airport and I cant wait. I am so looking forward to being settled for a while after moving around so much in the last few weeks. We have moved out of the apartment, been camping twice, moved into and out of Buffys parents place and into the house in which I sit. Next week we move out of here and back into Buffys parents, in between visiting the cabin for a final weekend and another wedding! I just want to spend a few weeks where we do no moving except for the odd stay at my mum and dads, when we just need to take one bag - not everything we own!

Thats about it for now - not much else is going on, but we are having a few friends over at the cabin for the whole weekend and so Ill tell you about that next week!

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