Monday, July 29, 2013

1 cat, 4 dogs and soime weird rabbits

1 cat 4 dogs and a rabbit mask.....

After all the fun of folk fest it’s been a busy couple of weeks here in sunny/rainy/hot/chilly Winnipeg (Underline whichever weather suits the day!)

We have been looking after the house in Riverview for nearly 4 weeks now but it has flown by! It feels like home and is a lovely place to live, with its wide quiet street, huge front garden (For some reason gardens over here are called ‘Yards’.) and big back garden with a raised decking area and barbeque, where on nice evenings we have enjoyed eating ‘al fresco’ with a cold drink and the sound of squirrels with their tiny machine guns echoing around us from the trees.THE NOISY LITTLE SHITS!!

Last night we even had some friends round for our monthly ‘book club’ meeting. It was a cold night though and so we ended up in the house with a roaring wood fire burning away to keep out the chilly night air. It was one of the best book club meetings we have had with glasses of wine and snacks being shared between us all, while the cat ‘Ash’ did his rounds from one persons lap to the next. Perhaps I should tell you a bit more about Ash....

I’m not usually a cat person – I love dogs (more about that later) but Ash is a very unusual cat. He normally lives here with a dog called Stella (Not on his own, but obviously with Steve and Heather – their owners). But Stella is away at the moment being looked after by Buffy’s brother Pat and spends most of her time at the cabin on the lake with Pat and the family. But Ash has been left here with us and the house to look after.

Ash -the dog cat!
Now I think Ash has seen Stella playing about and wants some of the action as he is in my opinion, a quite doglike cat. He likes to play fight a little, swiping a paw and nibbling on your hand if you play with him. He is very clever and follows you around if you are going downstairs, so that he can be let out. He also doesn’t mind climbing all over someone to get a pat or to be stroked and even clambers up onto my chest while I’m in bed or watching telly. He even knows I am typing about him, as he has just wandered over with a small meow and a knowing look on his face!  As cats go, he is a really good dog and I quite like looking after him.

Get off my chest you bugar!

Fuck off, says Ash - its comfortable!
Now, more on the dogs..... We went to the cabin last week and enjoyed a really quiet mellow weekend relaxing in the sunshine and throwing sticks for Stella to collect out of the lake. On Monday however I was left alone to look after the dogs as everyone else had meetings or appointments back in the city. So it was me, Boo, Benjie and Cuddy from the Cowtan family as well as Stella (from Steve and Heathers).  Unfortunately it was a chilly day so no more swimming in the lake, but I did get to light a fire and spend the whole morning surrounded by the lazy dogs as they slept and played around. Early afternoon it did brighten up and that was when it got more fun – as the island has no roads or other people the dogs were free to roam as they liked and we all enjoyed a good roam around throwing sticks, chasing whatever animals they could find and ending up sat on the boat dock all huddled together watching other people drive past in their boats. All in all a good day with all the dogs!

The dogs! - Sorrry I only took one photo!
The rabbit part of the week came around on Wednesday when we went to a couple of the Winnipeg Fringe shows. We had seen an Australian comedian/story teller at last year’s fringe when he had done a show all about thinks that look like cocks and how he has made a career out of travelling the world and taking pictures of them. This year’s show was about his dad and how many times he seems to have cheated death!! Weird but bloody funny.

Now, during the show he was talking about how he had been dancing somewhere and tried to do a back flip – whilst dressed as a bunny rabbit. While he told the story he grabbed two people out of the audience – which turned out to be me and Andrea’s fiancé ‘Matt’. We had to put on weird rabbit masks (Mine didn’t fit and I couldn’t see as the ears were in front of my eyes) and help him do a back flip as well as spin him around on the stage and basically make dicks of ourselves. It was a good show and helped me choose the ‘animal’ theme for this week’s blog entry!

Matt as a bunny!

Im at the back trying to sort out my ears!

                                                             The whole sorry disaster!

That unfortunately was the last and final animal themed episode of the week – apart from playing more with Ash of course. It’s been a busy time and with a couple of barbecues this week and another visit to the lake next weekend we don’t have much time left to do much else in Canada. We have booked our train to Toronto, the flights to Iceland and then onwards to Manchester. This time in just 4 weeks we will be sat in Chris house (To be honest we will probably be in the pub) and getting used to living back in the UK.

If you are in the UK and want us to come and visit for a night out, a coffee or for whatever other reason you can fathom – let me know on here or facebook. We will try and get to see everyone we can, but you know how busy things can get!!

Only a couple more blog posts till we are home – but I will continue to moan, whinge and generally pour out my frustrations at this silly little place while we are there.

Now, it’s time to get another beer and play with the cat!  

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