Thursday, May 9, 2013

Floody hell its Busker 77!!

Weetabix with Banana  - thats what I had for my breakfast - while I sat and watched the ongoing epic of David Moyes being announced as Uniteds new manager - How Sky can make it sound so exciting when all that has actually happened is a piece of paper was handed to reporters is amazing! Anyway - Im happy for Moysey and for Fergie - its going to be a good season next year - If only I could be going to a game or two.....heeheehee......

Now its time to get down to Bloggy Business. Its been another week in Winnipeg with strange weather - I always seem to talk about the weather - but this week has been very weird - We had a break in the coldness of winter finally and a bit of sunshine - followed by a day of rain and then more snow -FFS
Sunshine - followed by....

light rain - followed by....

Heavy rain - followed by....

Snow......followed by

We have  now had a few nice days of warm sunshine and it was even nice enough to get a bit of sunburn over the weekend - only a little bit though. This was achieved at 'The Forks', the general meeting place cum day out that people choose to go to on a nice day in town. Its at the junction of the two rivers and as well as a good market and a few cafes and bars there is also a lot of entertainment that goes on there. A lot of this is from buskers, who have to do an audition before being allowed to annoy the general public. It was for these auditions we went down to The Forks on Saturday as one certain 'Buffenious Cowtanium' was taking part.

Showing off her little guiter

On stage


and singing

There was a lot of singers, musicians, comedy acts and jugglers who were also trying out as Buskers and Buffy took to the stage just before 1pm on the Saturday afternoon - just after a couple dressed as zombies ans callling themselves 'The Undead Newly weds' - they were actually a cheap jugggling act and in my opinion - not very good. Buffy on the other hand was very good and passed the audition with ease - and is now known as Busker number 77 in the forks - with a licence to Busk day or night, inside or outside to her hearts content!!

Undead newlyweds

After Buffys audition we celebrated her success by having a huge ice cream in the sunshine whilst we watched one of the other new buskers perform his show - believe it or not he is a dog trainer busker. It was a fun show mainly with the dogs jumping all over the place after frisbees - and a cool way to spend the afternoon.

How do you teach that to a dog!?

Frisbee action

Unfortunately, the warm weather and a little bit of rain hasnt been welcomed by everyone - especially people living right next to the rivers. It has caused a little bit of flooding and the river is very swollen in places - even covering one of the the bridges that crosses a creek in our local park.  It wasnt as bad as some people expected though and wit the weather staying warm is expected to drop again soon. I wont see that though as I am off on a new trip early on Monday morning to continue my quest to visit all 50 states of the USA  - so my next post will be from on the road somewhere...... watch this space to find out where I go!!

The river has nearly completely melted

This used to be a bridge OVER the water!

Nearly got splashed!!

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