Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snow running jets

Hey there you!? Hows life down there? Hope things are good? Great...enough about you then....this is, after all, a blog about me and my here we go again.

Right, this has been the longest I have ever gone without a real post on the blog since I started it way back in 2010. You will appreciate that since returning from my latest trip I have relaxing in Winnipeg and doing normal stuff that probably wouldn't be very interesting to anyone - plus I needed a bit of a break from writing pap all the time. So here is a quick, brief, short and little update on whats been happening these past two weeks - 14 days to be more accurate.

Not a lot.


OK, we did some stuff but nothing much really.

Tell you about it?


Its still snowing and cold. Its over 130 days now since the snow started to fall in Winnipeg. It has warmed up a little but has now gone cold again and last night it was down to around minus 30. Chilly.
The snow doesn't fall as often and with the mix of that and a bit of sunshine the winter wonderland now resembles a weird neolithic landscape. The half melted snow in the roads splashes onto the huge walls of ice and snow by the roadside and melts the top layers. This leaves really weird spiky looking crystallised mini ice mountain ranges that wouldn't look out of place in the next Star Trek movie. Its quite cool to look at but not so cool when I get splashed by a passing car instead of the ice - Yes, this happened last week and I had no choice but to look at myself and laugh. Hahhaahaaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAAAA. hEEEheheeheeheehehahahahahahahaa    snort.

The dodgy looking river
Lumps of ice litter the roadsides

Its weird looking

Like mini mountain rages

Its also been warm enough to stop people skating on the river anymore - Even though there are still people who wander along it past the holes in the ice with frigid water flowing right by them!!

So you will gather its still cold.

At least we had a nice Sunday afternoon out with the three dogs. Cuddy, Bo and Benji - we took them out from Buffs mum and dads down to the dog park and spent a cool afternoon running around with them in the snow.

Getting ready

Going mental

Up close Cuddy

Benji and Cuddy having a run

and more

We have been out to the cinema to see Oz - The great and powerful - which was OK.
We have been to a concert in which Buffy was singing with Prairie Voices - It was a strange mix of songs about the elements and really good - especially the 12 minute Finnish song. This song sounded like visiting a circus and having clowns screech and shout at you, while a ghostly figure hoots in the background and voices whisper inside your head. Then you get attacked by a scarecrow with a hammer whilst simultaneously being tickled by a pantomime horse carrying a photo of Prince Charles with a pretty flower.Its that weird and that cool. I liked it.

I have also been doing a lot of running. I have been doing so much running I decided to give myself a goal to achieve and have therefore signed up to take part in the Manitoba Half Marathon in June. It should be a good way to keep fit and have something to look forward to.

Another thing to look forward to is The Winnipeg Jets. Tickets to see the Jets are quite simply like rocking horse shit. The team has sold out every one of their 50 odd home games since they returned to the city last season. We had been trying to get tickets through friends but this always fell through. So I entered the random prize draw which enables the winners to buy tickets before they go on general sale . I won this month and was one of the many lucky winners to buy tickets for Aprils games. So me and Buffy are going to two games in April. I cant wait. Its even better because the team is actually doing quite well at the moment and may even make the play offs!! Its all good!


I also lost a sock. But then I found it.

That's it for now. I do have some more stuff to talk about, but I am hungry and need some porridge. Have a lovely day. See you soon.

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