Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jump some more shit

Right, I am having a lazy week - Its freezing cold outside even though its quite sunny and I have a slight groin strain which I don't want to get any worse. So no real running for me this week. 

That does give me the opportunity to sit in the kitchen using the open over door and its top setting as a heater while I update a pile of stuff that has been festering somewhere on my computer for the last few months. 

Its time I posted my jump shots from late last year and early this, so here we are - a few new photos, some old ones that you may not have seen and another excuse to stop doing something far more important for a few minutes. So here we are - just a selection - some haven't been posted before and some have.



Burlington, VT

Christmas day

Groom, Texas

Buffy, Christmas day sunset

Cadillac ranch, Amarillo

Waikiki, Hawaii

Paris, Texas

The beach where LOST was filmed - Hawaii


Dallas Cowboys stadium

Groom, Texas

Kitttyhawk, North Carolina


My favourite is the Kittyhawk photo, taken from the spot where the Wright brothers took the first powered flight.

There are plenty more photos to see at if you fancy a look.
Don't forget to post photos of your own if you have any jump shots.

That's it for now. More blog stuff coming soon.....probably.

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