Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Media city, United top of the league and dog shit bins...

Thursday morning and my membership card for United had not yet arrived and I need it for tonight’s game, so I got up early, put on my running gear and ran down to Old Trafford and the ticket office. They were very helpful and gave me a ticket for tonight’s game to replace the one that hadn’t yet arrived. So I put it into my pocket and ran back find a Man United parcel hanging out of the letterbox, with my membership card and now defunct ticket for the game.. Haahaa bloody typical!

Anyway, I had my ticket and after a lazy day I wandered down to the ground with Mikie and Chris, stopping at The Melville pub and then Chesters pub for a couple of beers, interspersed with a good chip barm and meat and potato pie from the chippy on the way. The game was a disappointment though as United played poorly and even though they led 1-0 in the first half, they ended up losing the leg 3-2, meaning that they will have to win away next week by two clear goals to progress. We did stop for another beer on the way home though which brought a nice end to a good night out. I was back up though 3 hours after getting home to watch the Jets on the internet again. Unfortunately they also lost 3-2 and brought a total end to a bad night as a sports supporter.
United V Bilbao

Me and Mikie before the game

Chis and Mikie - weird eyes!!

Friday came around and I decided to go and look around Media City – a new development in Salford where the BBC and ITV are opening their new studios. I was planning to get the bus, but ended up walking there and back – doing about 9 miles in total, but I really enjoyed my day out. I had a good poke around media city, seeing where the new Coronation Street set will be built as well as nosying inside the BBC sports studio window and even passing one ‘famous’, person = Hardeep Singh Kohli, who was doing a piece to camera on the street outside. I also saw the new Blue Peter garden and the statue of the old dog Petra, plus the pond. I also saw a couple of Daleks and the Tardis from Dr Who, which was just sitting in the corner of one of the foyers.

I got back home late in the afternoon and in the evening I had a peaceful evening in on my own, but when I started to cook my steak for dinner my nose started to run – and didn’t stop!! It just kept running for ages and I don’t know why. I ended up eating my dinner and then sitting with a full roll of toilet tissue, blowing my nose every minute or so for hours. That was the start of a cold that went on all weekend. Saturday was spent mostly wiping my nose and sniffling in front of the laptop.

Media City Salford

Eeeer Daleks...

Reporter bloke.

The new Blue Peter Garden

Sunday came along and I wasn’t feeling much better, but I still made it out in the afternoon to head down to Old Trafford and watch United beat West Brom 2-0. We laughed at the start of the game aas teh young lads that had to clear away the temporary goalposts kept dropping them It was made even better by the fact that City lost to Swansea at the same time and this left United at the top of the league. The moment that the City score was heard around the ground was great as everybody went mental!!

Removing the goal posts!!

The Stretford end singing as United go top of the league

Monday morning and I found myself in bed down in Northampton again. I had had a message from the camera repair shop and so I took a walk into town to pick up my repaired camera and enjoy a really nice spring day out in the fresh air. Unfortunately, when I got back in I felt like shit. Headache, back ache and a stuffed nose that was now really getting on my tits. These all kept me up for most of Monday night too. I also took some Night Nurse which was supposed to help me sleep, but actually made me dizzy and kept me awake as the room spun around. I won’t be taking that stuff again!!

Tuesday morning came and went without me moving out of my bed. I eventually got up about 3pm and spent the rest of a completely wasted day, vegged out on the sofa, drifting between naps and TV.
Thankfully I slept well on Tuesday night and woke up on Wednesday with less of a headache and more energy. I eventually got out of bed and had a wander down to the shops and back, just to get out and have a little fresh air. I’m feeling a lot better now.

It’s been a relatively average week. Apart from a good wander down to and around Media City and then a couple of United games, I haven’t really done much. I did hear a funny story though about an old bloke who has been posting all his mail into a dog-shit bin (For those people outside of UK, I will try and find a photo of a dog shit bin – used for the owners of dogs to get rid of their dog shit, rather than leaving it on the pavement for people to stand on). Chris told me the story and that the bloke had been doing this for years thinking that it was a new type of post-box. It made me wonder if it actually made any difference to anything. Did he lose any money or waste his time in posting his letters incorrectly? Or was his mail all shit anyway? I also wondered if anyone has ever done the reverse and posted dogshit into a post-box?  

A dog shit box

A post box..can you tell the difference!?

When I used to work part time in the pub a few years ago, people used to leave ‘things’, in pint pots at the end of the night. We found car keys, wallets, socks, underwear and one time someone did actually leave a ‘home-grown submarine’, in a pint pot for us to find. I wonder how many other people have jobs that mean they find weird and wonderful things in places that they really shouldn’t be.........



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