Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nights out, old mates and a quiet week..apart from dead snowmen!!

Friday Feb 10th and there was a new covering of snow when I got up. I had yet another lazy day in, until my mate Dan arrived around lunchtime. We then drove into town and dropped James off near the bus station, as he is heading back to Manchester for the United V Liverpool game tomorrow. Myself and Dan then went down to Milton Keynes for the afternoon to check out my house, which is still standing and looking good and also to have a wander around the shopping centre and look at the indoor skydiving and indoor skiing place. It was a pleasant enough afternoon out of the cold.

In the evening we went out in Northampton for a beer or 3. I was really surprised at how quiet it is – It could be because of the cold weather, the downtime after a busy Christmas break or due to the recession and the facet that everyone is skint – whatever it was there were no more than 20 people in some pubs and others were even quieter. We had a mellow night out though with a few beer before getting the last bus home.

On the Saturday morning, Dan left early and I spent the day watching the football on TV. The main game was the United V Liverpool game that Mike and James were at. It was a great game after a quiet first half hour, but was tainted a bit by the ongoing race row between Evra and Suarez. But United won and at the end of the day that’s what matters – especially against the Scouse bindippers!!
Catching up with Michelle

I have no idea why he is wearing that!!

James gets off...

Do they look alike?

Saturday evening came around and Dan came back for another night out in town. We got a bus again and when we arrived at the bus station we were offered unused return bus tickets by two women on the bus. When we then walked into town they asked if we could show them how to get to the train station, so we walked with them to the market square, with one of them laughing her head off all the way. They left us at the pub to catch their train to London and we had a quiet beer whilst we waited for my old mate to arrive. Michelle is the ex wife of one of my old workmates Si. We used to hang around together and I spent a couple of weeks with them both in Spain, when Si worked in Madrid There were also a load of times when Si didn’t come out and Michelle used to come out with us as one of the lads. Its 8 years since we have net though and so we had a lot of catching up to do.

She arrived just after 8pm and we sat and chatted for ages, being joined a short while later by her mate Dave, who is a Refuse collector (Binman) as well as a banger car racer! The four of us had a pretty good night out, moving along to a different pub and staying there till it closed. It was really good to catch up with Michelle!

Sunday was a lazy lazy day- Up at lunchtime and a full round of bacon butties before Dan left. Then an afternoon of reading the news on the net and watching footy in TV interspersed with a short walk out, just to get some fresh air. Just how a lazy Sunday should be.

Monday and the 1st of 5 days all by myself. I plan to have a really mellow week, catching up on sorting out photos and videos, planning a bit for the start of my trip in April and hopefully a good run or walk every day. So the 1st thing today was to get my running kit on and get out. I had been having problems with the GPS on my phone, but having installed new firmware, its now working fine, so I headed out for the run, with the phone in my sleeve to record the distance and speed etc.

I ended up doing just over 4 miles, which was pretty good. Its a lot easier than my last run as most of the ice from the paths is now clear. The only other thing I did was to wander down to Tesco to get some food in for the week and enjoy the warming weather.

A nice day the park

Duckies...I think!

Being chased by geese

Birds everywhere

Cool advert for Virgin

The Guild Hall

Remains of the snowmen in the park

Tuesday and after waking up to the sound of birds singing outside I knew it was a nice enough day for a walk into town. Its not that I had anything to buy or important to do, but I just fancied a cheap day out and a nice walk. I started towards town and over an hour later I had been through two parks, been chased by a couple of mental geese, tried and failed to break the ice on a pond and taken a photo of a cool JCB, It was a lovely spring afternoon, a slight chill in the air keeping me cool as I kept walking. By the time I eventually got home I had been out for about 5 hours and walked a little over 11 miles. It was a nice day out though and I saw a few things I hadn’t seen in Northampton before like the little towers atop The Guild Hall, a half sunken boat in the canal behind the brewery and the remains of the snowmen in the park as well as being chased by a couple of mental geese.

Wednesday was my laziest day in ages – I stayed in bed till well after lunch – getting out of my pit at about 3pm and going straight out for a run. It was a nice breezy cool afternoon and I actually enjoyed my run for once – ending up doing a smidgeon over 5 miles in about 40 minutes, before soaking my aching legs in a hot bath.

So far its bee a good week!!!

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