Friday, February 10, 2012

Mums birthday- a good weekend -plus scary noises and bright lights

Saturday morning and I was up and out early again for yet another run. It was quite cold out, but once I got going I warmed up quickly and although I didn't enjoy the run it was a good 40 minutes and 4 miles or so. I grabbed a paper on the way back in and spent the rest of the day reading the paper, watching telly and generally having a lazy time. Just how a cold winter weekend should be.

On Sunday it was a bit different. Its mums 70th birthday and so I cleared the overnight snowfall off the car and myself and James left Northampton about 10am heading for Skegness. At the same time Chris, Mikie and Lucy were leaving Manchester and were due to meet us in Skeg. Although the news and weather forecasters were warning everyone to stay inside because of the freezing weather, we didn't take notice and it was a good decision as the roads were mainly clear as everyone had stayed at home. We made good time with a quick stop along the way and were on the snowy beach of Skegness messing about in the snow before finally heading to mum and dads house.



Boston stump

We arrived there just as Chris and Mikie had finished clearing the snow from the driveway and we drove straight onto it. After giving mum her presents and cards and the gang built a 'Snow Gran', in the garden, which turned out to be incredibly realistic!! haha!!

United were playing Chelsea and so everyone except dad went into town and spent a great two hours watching Chelsea take an unassailable 3-0 lead before United - as they tend to – made a spectacular recovery to draw the game 3-3. The big oaf of a Chelsea fan that was so loud in the first half, was remarkably quiet by the end of the game as the pub went bonkers at Uniteds 3rd goal.

After the football it was back home to pick up dad and then a quick 5 minute drive to a small restaurant just outside Skegness – The Cottage at Croft. It was very quiet due to the weather and we were in fact the only customers, but the staff were great and we had a really good fun night, telling stories, taking the piss and enjoying the great food. There was even a point when mum was pretending to be some kind of gangster and giving the finger to everyone!?! No, I don't fully understand either!!

On the beach.... the snow

Us lot with Mum and her birthday hat

Snow gran

In the restaurant- point at someone!!

Back home after the meal, I drove around the block a few times doing some drifting in the snow around the corners, much to the enjoyment of the Mikie, Jimbo and Lucy, before we started to drink the beers that were chilling in the garage and also some that were buried under the snow in the garden. It is Superbowl night and we all sat up till 1am, watching the game before mum and dad went to bed leaving us youngsters to enjoy the end of the game till just after 3am. The Giants won the game which made everyone happy except Chris who was supporting the Patriots. It was a great game and a good end to a long but good birthday for mum.

Monday morning and Chris, Mikie and Lucy had to leave to get back to Manchester, so they were up and gone before 11am. I relaxed for a while having some breakfast and a cup of tea before finally getting James out if his bed and leaving for Northampton just after lunchtime. We stopped on the way at Peterborough services and it was then that I realised I had left my wallet in Skegness – Fook! I had no money and no cards. Luckily, James had a few quid on him, so he bought the milk and bread we needed and I rang my mum and dad back in Skegness, where they foun my wallet in the bedroom where I had left it. They popped it into the post and arranged it to be sent to arrive in Northampton before 1pm Tuesday.

So, after a really good weekend I spent Monday evening sat in watching the telly hoping that my wallet didn't get lost in the post. Luckily, it didn't and I was woken by the postman ringing the bell late Tuesday morning. I decided to get out of the house and drove into town, where I did a bit of shopping – mainly for ingredients for cooking a beef casserole/stew. Its one of my favourite meals and I spent an hour of the afternoon in the kitchen cooking. I had hoped that it turned out edible and was pleasantly surprised when it actually turned out edible and tasty!! I have enough ingredients left over to try it again at the weekend and do it for Sunday lunch.

Wednesday and T-54. Today was the day to drop off the hire car. So I got up early and drove down the Hertz where I explained about the alarm sounding on the car every time I get into it! I then grabbed a delicious sausage and egg roll while walking into town. A nice coffee to warm up and then a look around the shops followed before I got the bus back to the house for the afternoon. Unbelievably, when I got home James was still in bed and there was a new recycling bin sat on the driveway. We now had a paper/cardboard bin, a glass bin, a plastics bin and a new one for recycling food!! I think we are going to need a bigger garden or a new garage to keep all the bloody recycling in! A weird noise caught our attention later in the night. It sounded like someone had climbed onto the roof or something had fell off it, but when we looked outside with torches we couldn't see anything. Later on we discovered that the noise was actually an old laptop falling over in the cupboard under the stairs and a few cd's falling onto the floor.

Thursday was a little warmer and so I took a chance to get out for a run in the morning. The pavements were still a little slippy though and so I spent a long time running in the road. It was a good job I went out in the morning too as later in the afternoon the snow started again and by the time James got home there were a good 4 inches of it again. Tonight's scare came in the way of a bright red light. I was sitting watching the telly with my netbook and phone sitting next to me when what I thought was a red flash off a camera burst in front of me. I still don't know where it came from – my phone, the telly, outside!? God knows what it was – maybe I am going mental!!

Or maybe someone is winding me up!!

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