Thursday, March 24, 2011


After relaxing for the day, I spent the evening chatting to my roomies and a couple of girls who had been on the plane the other day, but had stayed elsewhere for a day or two. It was a nice night, made better by the fact that dinner was great. It was fresh fish (I don’t know what kind – served with fresh veg and rice and was lovely.) I had a couple of games of pool and then went to my bed reasonably early about 11pm.

In the morning we were woken by a massive crack of thunder and a downfall of rain. But we weren’t to worry as it stopped as quickly as it had started and 10 minutes later there were blue skies a-once again and everything was dry once again. I had a massive choice of things to do today – Go for a run, go out on a day trip, write a book. Climb a tree etc. – But somehow I ended up sat on a hammock, by the ocean – again!! I took a few photos of the view and also actually walked down the beach after lunch just so that I can say I have done something today – But in truth, I haven’t done much again. At the moment there is a Kava ceremony going on in the bar – Kava being the locally brewed liquor – But I am happy with a cold beer, sat by the pool, listening to the sound of the waves breaking about 300metres out at sea. The lads from my room – Tim and Chris, left today to make their way back to the UK, so at the moment I have a room to myself.

It started to rain by about 10pm and so I ended up on my bed, watching a movie, listening to the heavy rainfall outside. It was a little lonely to have a room on my own, but nice to have my own space, without worrying about disturbing anyone else.

In the morning I woke up early and spent an hour sorting out stuff on my net-book, before venturing out to another busy day!

The day was spent, as usual, reading a book and mellowing out. It did start to rain a couple of times, but I stayed in my hammock until it stopped as it was only light rain and very warm.

Later in the day I took a walk out into the ocean at low tide. There are loads of wired and wonderful things to look at out in the many crevices and rock pools that are out in the coral just off shore. I found weird looking snake like creatures with tentacles for mouths feeding off plankton. There were also water snakes swimming around and lots of varied types of fish, crab and cuttle fish too, There was even a group of octopus, hidden in holes in the rock, with their tentacle poking out, grabbing food as it passed. It was a great hour spent exploring, followed by the local dogs and a few people from the hostel – who departed quickly when I told them about the water snakes.

The evening as usual was spent eating dinner, a couple of beers and a chat before bed.

My last day in Fiji was pretty normal apart from the weather – There were a few almighty downpours throughout the day and so the afternoon was spent by the pool, then in the bar, then a hammock and back to the bar before I gave up and had a siesta about 3pm. I was finally joined in my room by a Spanish couple just as I was getting for a shower before dinner. It was nice to have someone to share with again, even though not much was said between us. It is my last night though, so its just a mellow one, before I get up tomorrow, pack my bag and head off for the airport towards Melbourne and the F1 Grand Prix.

So thats the end of my time in Fiji – I have to admit to having done nothing from the tourist manual – I just relaxed for a whole week and it has flown by. There are a few things that I will remember from my time here though....

  1. The sea is warmer than the hot showers.

  2. When it rains – It really rains.

  3. Everyone is really friendly here.

  4. Im coming back!! haahaa!!

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