Monday, March 21, 2011

Doing pretty much nothing!!

Its been a great few days here in Fiji - Theres not much to tell and not many photos (You can only take so many photos of the same beach!!

But here is a quick update of whats been happening.....

The rest of my first full day in Fiji was pretty uneventful.

After breakfast I borrowed a book from one of my roomies 'Tim', and sat on a hammock by the Pacific ocean for a couple of hours just reading. It started to rain just before lunchtime, so I jumped onto a sofa in the bar/lounge area and continued reading in there whilst having a BLT for lunch.

In the afternoon I managed an hours siesta, before, believe it or not – Free tea and scones at 3.30pm. They went down really well and I had a swim in the ocean before a good shower and a change before heading back to the bar for happy hour at about 6pm.

Beers in happy hour cost about £1, but I was taking it really easy and only had 3 beers all night. Dinner was served to us at a table by the pool and the roast chicken I had was really good!

I took a stroll along the gorgeous deserted beach and vegged out for a while in a hammock watching top gear on my mp3 player before heading t bed by 11pm. My plan was to get up at 3am and watch whatever Premier League football was being shown on local TV. Chris and Tim also wanted to get up an set their alarms too.

When my alarm went off I was up and out quickly, but Chris and Tim just turned over and stayed in their beds. I walked the 20metres or so to the TV room and when I switched on the lights I disturbed the local guy who was sleeping in the store room there. He was happy to close the door though and let me watch the football. Just a minute after I turned on the TV another bloke arrived and asked whether I was watching the Rugby. It turns out that the 6 nations deciding matches was on TV too – So we watched the last few minutes of Scotland V Italy before switching over and watching Man United V Bolton. After the football finished (A luck y 1-0 win to United!) we then watched the first half of England V Ireland.

I decided to take a walk down to the beach just after 6am, where I stayed for a good half hour watching the spectacular pink sky as the sun rose over the ocean. I am getting used to seeing stunning sunrises and sunsets now, but always get blown away by them when I get to somewhere new. This was another of those experiences. After taking a few photos and watching for a while, I headed to bed and stayed there till just after 11am.

I woke up to a bright sunny blue sky and so after sorting myself out went down to lie by the pool and read a book. The day then slipped by. I read, swam and then relaxed in the sun. Then swam a little more before reading and listening to a bit of music. It was then 5pm, the sun was low in the sky and I had a nice cold shower before settling down in the bar for a couple of quiet beers. That was the day. Nice

After a good nights sleep I woke up again to another lovely day. I was out of bed by 10am and on the beach by 10.02am. The day can be put quite simply – Beach, swim, hammock, book, Kayak, hammock, book, lunch, swim, hammock, music, book, swim, shower, dinner. It was something like that, but in no particular order. In between all that hard work I did spend a while watching a crab dig a hole in the sand under my hammock, the fishermen trying to catch fish, a bloke ride a horse along the beach and various people sit on the beach swing and take photographs. The furthest I have been in 3 days is about half a mile in the kayak this morning. The furthest I have been on dry land is about 120metres from my bed – which is the Pacific Ocean. Lets just say that at the moment the only thing I don’t care for is the sound of other people – I would be happy to sit and see nobody all day – apart from the lady who serves behind the bar and also brings me my dinner!! haahaa! To say that I am relaxing would be under-exaggerating the word. I don’t think I have ever done so little in a day – and I am loving it!

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