Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girls leave to go up the coast!!

After the antics of last night, I managed to get my arse out of bed and ready for when the girls arrived. They had packed their stuff earlier yesterday, so were quite prompt and on time...ish after booking out of their Hostel down in Kings Cross.

They arrived in a taxi and then we just grabbed all their gear and sauntered in through the hotel reception and into the lift. Then up to the 11th floor and to my room. It seemed that they were happy with the room and the bed as within seconds they were all laying down and enjoying the lovely warm quilt and pillows – Lisa especially loved the big pillows as she is sick of the shitty thin ones you get in the hostels. I left the girls there for the day and headed off for the 1st days play at the cricket – A few minutes later I received a text off Andrea telling me that she was already in my big warm comfy bed!!

I continued walking to the cricket and had a good day watching a close game. There were a few breaks for rain and bad light but overall I think England just finished the day on top with Australia at 134-4. In between the play I did have a couple of beers and chatted to a few of the Barmy Army about their trip. It started to rain heavily at about 5pm, so like everyone else I left and grabbed a bus back to the city and home.

When I arrived back at the hotel, I found Andrea on the internet looking at ebooks for her newly arrived Kindle and Lisa and Donna fast asleep in the bed!!

We sat around for a while and then the girls actually got off their arses and started to pack their kit and sort out their shit. Once their stuff was nearly ready we headed out for dinner. Andrea wanted to go and visit Chinatown and have some noodles. We took a quick walk and found a lovely little café just on the edge of china-town. We were given a table upstairs and sat there for an hour chatting and eating. The food was really good and there was plenty of it and it was quite cheap, so a good night was had by all. Somehow the conversation got onto movies and I told the girls about the fountain on Pitt Street, that was used in 'The Matrix', when Keanu Reeves sees 'The Girl in Red'. Donna admitted to being a massive fan of the film, so we decided to wander down there and have a look before the girls leave Sydney.

It was a 15 minute walk and when we got there it was easy to recognise from the film – but there was a small digging machine and a fence ruining the view – so we simply moved the fence out of the way, took, some pictures and then moved it back!!

We went back to the hotel and grabbed the girls kit, before heading down towards Central Station, where their bus was leaving from.

Three buses arrived at the same time and there was a lot of confusion with passengers all trying to find out which bus they were actually on. It took a while but eventually the girls found their names on the list for the middle bus and loaded their gear on board.... They then gave me a big hug and boarded the bus. It was another sad moment for me as it has been really good again for the last few days to hang around with the girls and have them stay at mine for the day. Ill be seeing Donna Dingo again at the end of the week though and then will catch up with Lisa and Andrea in Cairns and New Zealand, so its by no means the last time I will see them!! I waved them good bye and then headed back to the hotel, via a pint in Mahoneys. Then it was off to bed,after tidying up my room!!

I woke up a little late this morning as the Cricket was due to start early because of the rain yesterday, but I missed the start as I forgot to set my alarm. I grabbed a bus down to the ground instead of walking though and didn’t miss much at all. It was a really good days cricket, with the advantage swinging both ways as first the Aussies tail wagged for a couple of hours and then England’s opening batsmen put on a good stand. It was fun in the crowd today as well as loads of beach balls were thrown, and loads of banter between the supporters. We even had David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff start a running race at tea and completely fook it up by failing to be able to use a starters horn!!! Haahaaa what a dick!!

After the cricket I had more plans - I got home quickly and got changed before heading down to Darling Harbour for a look around and then to Sydney Tower -A 300metre high tower overlooking the city. On the way I was crossed the road in front of a small minibus and saw people wearing England Cricket tops – In the front seat was Kevin Pieterson and behind him sat Ian Bell and Swanny plus half of the England Cricket team! I didn’t have enough tine to get out my camera but pointed and got a knowing smile off KP!!

At the tower I queued up and got into the lift to the observation deck. The lift is actually 2 lifts above each other and there is a camera and screen so that you can see what is going on in the lift below you – We stood in the lift and waved at the people below us, who waved back and smiled!!

On the observation deck I had a good look around and watched as the city fell into darkness. It really is a magnificent city to look at from such a great place, but I spent a while laughing as people took photos through the windows with their flashes still on their camera. They nearly blinded themselves and also had to play with their cameras to set the flashes to off, before trying again!! Some people eh!!

I headed back to the hotel about 9,30pm and watched a bit of telly and drank some cheap wine before heading to my pit before midnight!!

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