Friday, January 7, 2011

The ashes and a quiet week!!

Wednesday Jan 5th 2011!

Well today wasn’t the most productive of days – I really didn’t sleep well last night and woke up this morning with a sore throat, headache and just a shitty all over feeling. It seems to be the bug that went around the bus over the last few weeks, when every day someone seemed to be ill. I decided to spend the morning in bed and dosed myself up with painkillers and had a couple of cups of tea from the in room tea making kit. I did turn the TV on and watch the cricket live, but it wasn’t as good as being there myself. I got to the lunch break and still didn’t feel any better, so decided reluctantly to stay in my pit and watch the cricket on TV for the afternoon. I did venture out for 10 minutes to grab some lunch, but ached all over and went back to bed soon afterwards. On a positive note, it did allow me time to get onto the internet and make some plans for my east coast trip that starts this Friday.

Well I have been in my room all afternoon and evening – I have read a book and started watching Pride and Prejudice – The BBC version, whilst I had a good soak in the bath. I haven’t spoken with anyone all day! But, I feel a lot better than earlier and will definitely be up for the cricket in the morning!! Its time for be now, so good night!!

It was a strange night – At one point I was too hot, so I went out onto the balcony and watched Sydney pass me by for a while. Andrea came out to join me followed by the Australian Prime minister, who was wearing all pink!! It started to snow and we enjoyed the coolness of the air. Then it started to rain really hard and a thunder and lightning storm started. A massive clap of thunder suddenly stopped me in the middle of my dream and I realised I was still in my bed, all alone and it was 2.30am! Its a shame because I love thunder and lightning. I had a cold drink and then went back to sleep!

Thur 6th January

I felt great this morning! It just goes to prove what a days rest will do! I was up early and on the bus to the ground by 9.30ish. The day was just perfect – England improved their lead and then bowled brilliantly to leave the Aussies just 3 wickets short of an innings defeat. Plus the weather was great and the banter between the different sides in the crowd was just funny as fook! Every where you looked there was someone with and England top of hat on laughing and joking with someone wearing green an gold. The Aussies knew they had lost on the field, but didn’t want to lose in the stands and they put up a great showing, answering back to every taunt from the barmy army. We even had 30minutes extra play, in case England could finish the job, but in the end we will have to come back tomorrow and see the last 3 wickets taken, before England hold the ashes aloft!!

In the evening I had a walk around town, one last time as I am leaving tomorrow after the cricket to catch up with Donna on the east coast for a weeks adventure. So I wandered around and grabbed a pizza and a bottle of wine to drink as I watched TV tonight, packed my stuff and generally mellowed out. I’m really looking forward to a great day tomorrow at the SCG and then a good flight, before catching up with Donna and a good week sailing and doing a 4x4 safari on Fraser Island and up the east coast to Cairns!!

Friday 7th January

I could feel the atmosphere this morning as I got up and out of my hotel by 8.30am. I was heading for the last days play in this years ashes and everywhere you looked there were England supporters – Young and old heading towards the SCG. Tickets were free for the last day as an easy England win was expected and so many English people who love here and others who are on holiday, took a day out of their plans to come along and cheer their new heroes.

I arrived at the ground well before the start of play and wasn’t surprised to see that some people, especially the barmy army had been here for hours already – The best seats, at the front of the stand , were gone hours ago, but I found a decent seat . About 10 rows back and settled in.

It rained until 5 minutes before play started, but it started on time and the anticipation around the stands were immense. Unfortunately, England couldn’t make the break through and when play stopped for rain after 23 minutes, we were all on the edge of our seats.

Th rain stopped and started again, but the Barmy Army continued to sing! Just after 11am, the play restarted and England finally began to attack. The 3 remaining wickets fell in the next 45 minutes and just before 12noon, the final wicket went and England and the Army went mad with celebration. Even Chris Tarrant, who was about 20metres behind us, in the posh seats went mad and waved at the crowd below. It was brilliant to be part of something so special and as the end of my original plans to get to Australia and see the cricket, it was the beginning of the next part of my travels. I cant believe that I made it to Australia for this and its just an amazing experience to travel half way around to world to see a few games of cricket. England are now a really good team and work fantastically well together. Its been the chance of a lifetime to see them destroy the Aussies in the two games I have sat through!

After the celebrations died down I left the ground and got the bus back to the hotel. My plan was to mellow out for the afternoon and then head down to the airport for a 9pm flight to Brisbane – But I got a text from Lisa, telling me that she and Andrea were in Brisbane for the night and asking what time I would get there!? I made a quick phone call to Virgin Blue – the airline I am flying with and for $10 they allowed me to get an earlier flight!! Bonus.

I quickly packed my stuff, checked out of the hotel and headed towards the airport, where I am now sat, using the totally 100% free internet!! I arrive in Brisbane at 5.25pm and have a night out with the girls, before starting a new era of my trip tomorrow with Donna!!!

Ozbus 20 is long behind me, now the Ashes are won and that too is a memory.......Today is the start of something new...

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