Sunday, November 7, 2010

At the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur

Sunday 7th November has so far been a memorable day!

We were up and at breakfast by 7.30am and greeted with baked beans, hash browns, chilli ketchup and a dull green fruit juice that looked a little like washing up liquid, but actually tasted really nice.

Once on the bus a little after 8 we were promised by John, the tour guide that we would be able to stop for a few minutes and take some photos of the bridge connecting Penang with the mainland. True to his word, after 5 minutes driving, we pulled over by the side of the road and all disembarked for the opportunity. A few people simply stood by the road and took simple photos, but Kenneth, always the professional photographer, decided to jump over the crash barrier and wander a few metres to the waterside to get a better view. Suddenly however Kenneth had shrunk from his normal 5 foot odd to about 3 feet tall!! He had wandered straight through some disgusting dirty browny greeny stinking mud and had sunk to his knees! Everyone stared and wondered what to do, so after a few minutes laughing and taking photos, a few of us went over and helped him with his camera and pulled him out. His trousers were covered and he lost his flip-flops in the quagmire, but he was alive and so all was well. After cleaning himself up by the side of the road using a bucket of water on the bus, we boarded and drove through the rain to Kuala Lumpur.

KL is a great and modern city with a stunning skyline of high rise buildings , dominated by the beautiful 'Petronas Towers'. We tried to see if we could get up the towers to the observation deck, but unfortunately there were no tickets left for today so we had dipped out. A few of us ventured out into the rain to take a few pictures of the stunning towers from the ground before heading in to the bis shopping mall below the towers to have a look around the shops and get some lunch.

Myself and Jennifer Parsonage had a wander around checking out a few caf├ęs and restaurants before deciding to get a seat in 'Chilis', an American restaurant, specialising in meat and steaks! We ordered a steak, burger and 2 margarita's and when they all arrived they were bloody lovely and reasonably cheap. It was a really nice lunch and will probably mean we don’t need to eat tonight. We also ran into Awal and Matt in there who were at the bar having their lunch too.

All too soon the 2 hours in Kuala Lumpur was up and we headed back towards the bus. Everyone seems to have done something different -Some people enjoyed rice or noodles for lunch, others did some shopping for clothes or underwear. Kenneth, of course managed to find himself a brand new pair of flip flops to replace the ones he had lost in the mud earlier in the day. I managed to get a last look at the towers and then we were back onto the bus and headed off towards our second and last night in Malaysia at a place called Melaka.

We had a drive around Melaka with John the guide and he showed us all te best places to go later on.
I met up with Chris and Mark after moving into the Hotel and we3 headed into town for a bit of food and some beers.
It was one of those nights when we all went out seperately and ended up in the same bar all night. In the end there were 16 of us including, Helen and David, Janet, Isabelle, Jennifer Parsonage, Vicky and stu etc....It was one of those nights where people just drift between conversations and just all have a good time. I could go on about some of the things that were said, but you really had to be there - I had a really good chat with Cristina on the way home to the hotel though and everyone went to bed with a smile and a happy demeanour!!
Its nearly time for bed myself - I know Michele is going to stay up for the F1 later ,but tomorrow will be a long day with 3 ans a bit hours on a ferry to Indonesia followed by another 200km drive!!~ Only 2 weeks to Australia!!

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