Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baked beans and a bath

Just a quick update this morning... We are off on a ferry to Indonesia, so we dont know ahet we are going to get internet wise when we get there. So once again, if im offline for a bit, dont worry!!

Today has been good so far though:-

I discovered a bath inmy hotel room and amazingly, it has hot hot water, so I have had my first bath in 9 weeks! Anyone that knows me, will understand how much this means! Its just a pity I didnt have time to watch a movie in there.
Then at breakfast they have toast and baked beans!!! It wasnt the best beans on toast I have ever had but it was a sign of things to come!!
Next I went onto the internet and saw the football results from yesterday - Arse beat by the geordies and The scousers beating Chelski!! Haaahaa! Today has been great so far#! All we need now is a good ferry crossing to indonesia, a super duper new bus when we get there and some a 5 start hotel tonight!!

Ill be on again soon from Indonesia!!

1 comment:

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