Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yesterday - pool, sun and pile ons!!

It would be nice in a wierd sort of way, to have a shit day, at least then all you lot at home might have summat more interesting to read about instead of how fooking great everything is!
Anyway, unfortunately for you lot, it was yet another fooking great day!! haahaa!
After the run, I basically spent the day by the pool. Me and 5 or 6 other bussers including the usual suspects (Becky, Frankie, Lana and Lisa) basically vegged out, reading, doing puzzle books, jumping in and out of the pool and generally being lazy.
It made a really nice change from bus days or wandering around beautiful historic cities and towns. Lana even got so bored she decided to draw all over my feet - In between I got out my waterproof camera-phone case and had a laugh throwing my phone in the pool and following it in, while taking photos and videos.
About 6pm ish, me Laura and Becky, decided we had lazed enough and went for a walk to try to find somewhere to see the sunset. After a wander into town we found some steps up through and past a cave hotel reception. (All the hotels are built in caves here!!) This brought us out just under a rock with people on top. After scrambling up, we came across a viewing platform and a man with a horse. It had great views, which you can see from the photos on this post. The sun was just peeping out above the horizon, but slowly dropped lower. As it did the sky changed constantly from clear blue, through pinks, reds and orange. This was reflected off the clouds and the distant hills which looked like they were on fire. Everytime we took a pic, two minutes later the sky looked different and we had to take another one. It was simply beautiful to watch - and completely free.
Me and Becky watching the Sky (Not the tv channel!)
After all that we wandered back into town and towards the Hostel to pick up Frankie. She hadnt been feeling too good, so had rested for the afternoon by the pool, but was coming out for a bit of scoff. On the way we passed Mallen (Matt and Allen - aka Hicky and Awal) sitting in a restaurant. So when we met with Frankie, we went back to the guys and sat with them having dinner. Myself and Laura, had local food, while Becky and Frankie couldnt resist the burgers!! All in all it was pretty good and a nice hour sat chatting before heading for ice creams and back to the hostel.

More of the sky- look at picasa for loads more pics of this - (link on the left of the page!)

Becky and Laura looking at the sun (Not the newspaper) Oh yeah - Croooooooocs!!

We decided to sit back down by the pool as it was still early. We were joined by Michele and Olivia so there were about 8 or 9 of us. After a while the guitar came out and we sat messing about and singing the odd song - The best being Outkast and Hey ya -What's better than being cool - the boys shout 'Ice cold', etc etc - Haahaa makes me laugh thinking about it. We got a little telling off from the barstaff as we were singing too loud and might wake people up - so we broke into a version of 'Its oh so quiet...sssshhhhhh ssssshhhhh', haahaa! I suppose you had to be there. It started to get a bit chilly, but we decided to stay there as long as possible and maybe even spend the night kipping there in a big group. But after cuddling up together, someone started a 'pile or, or a 'bundle', for all you southerners..... This upset the barstaff again and after a telling off we were all sent to bed... Haaahaa, it was funny! Like being 5 years old and being sent to bed for being naughty!! It was a good night though.
Im my time I have spent nights out at clubs and pubs with good friends and had a few great nights out. But now, give me half a dozen mates a cold beer and someone who can play a guitar. Mix it with a warm evening and a few cushions lying around by a pool and thats all you need for a great night out........... Haahaa - As usual - Good times!!

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