Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well today is 21st September and its a day that we havent really been looking forward to.
Today is the day that the bus leaves and heads towards Iran, whilst me Lisa and Awal, stay behind. Orphans, left to fend for ourselves. We are the unfortunates who were refused, for some reason or other, we will never know, our visas for Iran. So instead of visiting there, with the rest of the bus, we have to spend 4 nights on a turkish gulet cruise, snorkelling, sunbathing and relaxing. It was really strange to wave the bus off this morning - It was really nice though of everyone to wish us well and give us hugs - Even Becky, who is suffering a little from eating something dodgy and didnt sleep much, managed to wave us goodbye as the bus left.
We will miss you guys, all of you and cant wait to see you in India!! Have a great time!! Especially my little bus family - Becky, Frankie and Laura!! Miss you guys! Bev (and badboy), Donna, Vicky, Helen and David, Jaime, Linda, Mark and Chris!! Barry -gonna miss you fella!! Fook it, im gonna miss everyone!! Sorry if I didnt name you in person!! Have a great time!!!

Me and Dainis - cheers dude!! It has been great!!

I also said thanks to Dainis, our Latvian bus driver for the last 2 and a half weeks. The guy drives all day, gets lost, drives a bit more and can turn the bus around on a sixpence - which he has done most days!! He a great bloke, though, so I'm gonna miss him a bit too!!
Anyway -Dainis drove the bussers away leaving us three all on our own. We sat down for a bit of breakfast and talked about how wierd it now felt. A bus load of people who were strangers just two weeks ago, have left and it feels like close family departing. This trip is a great experience, but sometimes I just dont know how I feel, its very very strange - I wonder how the guys on the bus feel without us!?
We have only 9 days or so though till India and we will make the most of it. So me and Awal took a wander into town, whilst Lisa sat by the pool!! She loves to sunbathe, so while she stayed there we went to the Open air museum and the area around it to see the caves and scenery. On the way we passed a bloke with camels, so took a photo. Then the bloke told us it was 2 euro a photo, with your own camera!! Cheeky bugar! We walked past and then when he wasnt looking, took some more pictures!! haahaa! Up yours fella!!
It was a fun morning, climbing up the slopes and into the caves. In one we climbed up through the roof of the cave into another one and then out through that onto the top of the hill, where there was a great view. We generally messed about for the morning, clombing up and over things like blokes do - chatting about the bus and all the people still on it.

Awal checking out the view

It started to get really hot, so we wandered back into town and picked up some woter before joining Lisa by the pool for the afternoon. Thats where we are now. Its just gone 2pm and we have 6 hours till some mystery dude arrives to get us on the overnight bus towards Olympos. Tomorrow we stay in treehouses (It is absolutely true) Before our 3night 4 day boat trip to Fethiye. Then after a night there, its another overnight bus to Istanbul followed by an overnight plane to Delhi via Dubai -Blimey its wearing me out just talking about it now!! Its gonna be a good week or so!! Keep checking here for updates!!

Hi all you bussers!!! :-)


  1. More great stuff bro... looks like you are having a better time than I had ever imagined!!

    I think you need a resident spell checker though.. you sound like the copper in 'allo 'allo.. 'clombing up and over things like blokes do'.. hahaha.

    Rick Nevs, Kim and the kids all say hello... they have done plenty of travelling in their time and are extremely jealous!!

    Kepp it up mate, love to Becky, Frankie and the gang.. I feel like I know them all!!! hahaha

  2. hahaha I did it too... kepp hahahahahaha

  3. Haahaa!! No worries mate!! The spell check on the blog site is shite!!