Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Todays bits - Hungover!! :-(

My mind is playing games with me – Nothing to do with Beer, Slivovic and wine though – Honest!! Did I write about the car coming down the road on the wrong side towards us yesterday? Or about me trying on the Iranian headscarf – even though I’m not going there – and I’m not a woman so don’t need to wear one anyway? How about the fact that Liv thinks we are already in Plovdiv and Bev thinks we are now on our way to Slovdiv!? Or that last nights Hostel was called 1001nights and looked like it had a brothel in the garden, which turned out to be a woman’s accessory shop!? I cant remember if I did or not!! Anyway, some of that was yesterday – Its now Tuesday I think and we are on the bus heading for Sofia in Bulgaria... Here’s an update from last night.........

Most of the group had gone into Belgrade to look around the main tourist attraction – The Fortress- Personally I was a bit knackered and so had a walk around the centre of town with Barry and Chris looking for somewhere to eat, before we headed back for a shower and to report to Lana on what we had found. It turned out that she had already found a good bar/restaurant while shopping for breakfast and so after getting a message that most of the bussers were staying in town for dinner, myself, Lana, Chris, Barry and Mark took the short walk down a hill to eat.

The bar was really good, with nice seating in the street and a waiter who couldn’t do enough to help us. He served us some decent local beer and wine as well as more Slivovic for Barry. We ordered gourmet burgers and Cepacivic and hoped it would be edible. When the food was ready he called us inside to a table and we were very pleasantly surprised by the biggest burgers you have ever seen and more Cepacivic than one person should really eat! The food was eaten after the obligatory pictures of it were taken and then we headed back outside for a couple more drinks.

Soon after we were joined by more bussers and had a laugh telling daft ghost stories.

Just before midnight we paid the very reasonable bill, with a good tip this time and headed back up the road. I hung back with Lana as her knee was still sore and decided to get all trendy and down wit da kidz, by getting my pants out!

Back at the hostel most of the fellas were getting ready for bed, but I did the gentlemanly thing by staying up with Lana for a glass of wine on the balcony/smoking area – Then it was gone 2am and the wine was finished. I was going to my bed, but didn’t want to wake up the 8 sleepers crammed into the small dorm, so Lana kindly offered my the spare bed in her room, which I took and had a great nights kip. Then this morning I asked Lana the time and she said it was 6,30am, but the lads were already up, so when I checked my watch, we discovered that Lana’s phone clock was still on UK time and we only had 25 minutes to get ready. So it was a quick wash and brush of teeth and quickly over the road to get on the bus by 8am.

My head was a little sore from last night so I was glad of a bit of a kip before we stopped just outside Belgrade for a pit stop, some red bull type energy drink and a play with the local dog!! We are now getting to the 'dirty' end of Europe. The roads are getting bumpy, the buildings scruffier – and we have just seen our first squat toilet – Some of the girls decided to use the bus loo instead!

After that we stopped at both sides of the Hungarian/Bulgarian border before finally arriving in Sofia about tea time. The first thing I saw – and this is no bollocks – was a man with his hands behind his back and his mouth taped shut being led down a back street – No one seemed to believe me, but its the gods honest! This place may be a bit dodgy!!

The hotel is nice enough – we are in twin rooms for the first time, which is great as it means we have a bit of room and not too much snoring! I’m sharing with Chris, which is cool!

After a little walk around to the shop and a bit of dinner in a local restaurant, which was very cheap and acceptable, we headed to a local bar found by Jim, where the Man United v Rangers champions league game is on and also it has sheewee, so we are also following the Spurs game on the tinterweb – I’m still hanging from last night, so its gonna be a quiet night followed by a good sleep in 1973 – I’m not going back in time, just back to the hotel, which is nice but in a bit of a time warp – Sorry for the boring blog today – but I’m suffering!! haahaa!! Serves me right!

Photos will be posted tomorrow if I get time!!

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