Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bisuits in a tin

Today’s story I all about a biscuit – This little biscuit is currently travelling to Australia in a tin, with lots of other, different biscuits. Some of the biscuits are plain and nice for dipping in your tea and some of the other biscuits have fancy names and come from exotic destinations in Biscuit world.

There are a few new biscuits, whilst others are older biscuits that have been around and seen lots of other biscuits come and go.

Anyway as I have said, this little biscuit is travelling in a tin with the others. He has enjoyed his travels so far, even though sometimes the tin gets shaken and can be little hot and uncomfortable. The biscuits get out of the tin often, when they dip themselves into the different cups of tea. Today though, this little biscuit is a little moody. He has been shaken around too much and maybe been dipped into too many cups of tea. He is feeling a little soggy and probably needs to be put back into a nice cool, dry cupboard for a while away from all the other biscuits, so that he can rest and recover from all the tea dipping!! That’s the story of our little biscuit. He is happier now that he has shared his story knowing that some of the other biscuits will read it and understand.

If you have been affected by any of the issues discussed in today’s blog, please call our biscuit help-lana. You have her number and she is on call 2-4 hours a day at the front of the biscuit tin.

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