Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8th

Another week and another few days doing very little.

I spent the weekend last week here in Northampton. It was Gareth's birthday and even though he didn't want to celebrate, which I can understand cos I'm not really into birthdays either, we decided to go down into town for a couple of beers and a meal at Papa Cinos.

Scoff was pretty good and after a few beers before and another after the meal, we wandered around town looking at the painted lions which have been placed at various places around the town to try and brighten the place up over the summer.

The night out was followed by a lazy Sunday, sat watching the Grand Prix on the telly with a couple of beers. Lazy Sundays are ace!

Sunday came and went and on Monday me, Gareth and Tracey decided to go to Birmingham for a day out. We decided to visit the Sea life centre, but to be honest we were all disappointed. Last week we had spent £16.50 each at Duxford and still been there after 5 hours...... well at the sea life centre it was £17.50 to get in (although we got one free entry for the token out of the sun) and after 45 minutes we had seen everything and got totally sick of little kids screaming running around and generally being a pain in the arse. The best bit was the luminous lights in the dark!! Advice to anyone - don't waste your time going to the sea life centre in Birmingham.
Anyway after that we sat down by the canal watching the boats go by and had a gorgeous handmade burger with nice glass of cider. Expensive but nice!!
After a bit of shopping in the Bullring we went back to the train station to get the train home only to find out that we couldn't use our off peak tickets for an hour and a half! Doh.
We decided to veg out in a local pub and have a slow pint.

Tuesday I was up early (About 10.30am) and set off for a few days back in Skegness. I drove via Loughborough, so I could go to Go Outdoors, the big outdoorsy type shop, so I could get myself a nice sleeping bag liner to take on my trip and then took my time to get to Skegness.
Got there about 5ish and went down town to the chippy for dinner with mum and dad.

I spent the next 2 days generally vegging out in Skeg, although I did finally sort out the issues with being temporarily registered at the doctors and got some passport pics take for use when getting visas on the road.
On Friday I took a mellow drive back to Northampton in time for a couple of beers in 'The Tubs', with Gareth and Tracey. 3 beers suddenly became 6 or 7 and after stopping at the chippy on the way home, the rest of the night became a little bit of a blur.... Note to self, I am shit at drinking!

Saturday was a quiet day spent watching the Mighty Old Grammarians 3rd team get slaughtered (again) by Obelisk CC. It was a nice mellow afternoon sat watching the Cricket, whilst in the Marquee that was right next to the pitch, the sound of steel drums being played at a 'renewal of vows' party, gave a quite Caribbean feel to the day. At least Gareth was happy as he was finally allowed to bowl, but the OG's were beaten on the day.

Its now Sunday - I have already been out for a 4 mile run this morning and now sat watching England V Pakistan from Edgebaston - In just under an hour the Community Shield starts on TV as the football season starts. Plans for this week..................... a couple of days in Northampton then down to Cornwall for a few days - don't really know how what we will do when we get there.......

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