Friday, July 30, 2010

Duxford and Newport

Its now Friday night, July 30th.
Its been a good week - After a quiet start to the week, me, Gareth and Trace, went to the local pub for a quiz night on Tuesday night. It was a good night out even though we did rubbish on the quiz and were beaten by the two Gary's, of whom there were 5!?
I went up to Redditch, to see my mate Dan for a couple of nights out and did another pub quiz up there - This time we still did rubbish, but were pissed off cos everyone else in the pub was on the Internet for all the answers, where we were playing by the rules. We would of won if we had cheated too!!

Wednesday night we had a pint and some scoff at Wetherspoon's before going to see the 'A team' movie at the flicks. Its OK as a movie, but soo over the top its a bit daft.

Anyway, I'm now back in Northampton and just got back in from a day out to Duxford, to the war museum, where we saw Concorde, B52, A10, Hind D,B17, Blackbird, Spitfires etc and loads of other aircraft. It was a good day out and definitely worth a visit. I'll stick some pictures on here later.

After Duxford we went to Newport in Essex, where we were brought up till 1976. I cant remember much about it, but Gareth remembered loads about the house, the area and everyone he used to know as a kid. He even met one of his old teachers and an old mates mum, who was in her front garden, in the same house she lived in 35 years ago! It was a good day to visit!!!

We stopped off for a KFC on the way home and now are settled in with a glass of wine and the telly.

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