Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weird shit happens.....

So. This is a weird world. Weird shit happens all the time. Take a look at the Internet and you will see all kinds of weird shit. My brothers and nephews love the weird videos you can find on you tube and are constantly finding even weirder stuff to show each other. Every time one is posted it is somehow weirder and stranger than the last one - The following should NOT be viewed by anyone - EVER. However, you should definitely take a quick look just to see how weird they are....

So here is the link to the first video. Click on 'Do not watch this'.

Do not watch this

Sooooo what did you think? Haahaa, makes me laugh immediately. I'm just going to watch it one more time.....

Haahaa - Jeez that is mental!!

So a couple of days later the following video was posted in a kind of reply and 'Anything strange you can do  - I can find stranger things'......again I warn you - DO NOT WATCH THIS EVER. ITS JUST ......WEIRD..Click on 'Do not watch this...'below.

Haahaa do not watch this.....

So that's both weird and quite disturbing in a way. But the weirdness doesn't end there.....


A week or so before Xmas I received a strange letter in an envelope dated from the year 2000.
This envelope appeared to be handwritten and quite dirty and decrepit as if it had been lost in the post for a few years.

Obviously this letter dated from 2000 was sent to my address in Winnipeg - But I have only lived here a few months - So was this a letter from some kind of time traveller or someone who could foresee the future?

Once opened there was more intrigue inside..A letter explaining about the banning of some work of literature and the senders attempts to preserve this piece by spreading pages from the book far and wide in the hope that the story would be kept for future generations.

Enclosed with the letter were four pages from a book or play entitled 'The King in Yellow'. The pages as you can see are quite aged and brittle to touch.

Now - Before you all start to tell me ' Look at the Internet, its probably someone winding you up' - I thought about doing that =, but stopped myself. If someone is winding me up then they have my attention. If this is just a bit of fun, them I'm sure that at some point they will reveal themselves and explain why they are sending me these things. If it is some kind of treasure hunt then I want to be able to receive the clues and solve them myself - So I haven't looked to see what is happening and will await any further messages from the past.


The previous few paragraphs were written just after new year and I decided not to post anything and wait to see what else happens. I wasn't disappointed as when we arrived back from Cuba at the end of January there was another strange envelope waiting in the mailbox.

This one was a little thicker and the first thing inside was a newspaper cutting...

As you can see this was a simple review of a play at the Royal Strand theatre. The main part of which describes an new play to be staged by persons unknown. Within the same envelope was a playbill as mentioned in the article and one which also refers to the same play whose pages I had received a few weeks earlier.

  I was now enjoying the mystery and want to continue to do so - Even more after opening the final item that arrived that day - A small brown bag that contains a pendant of some kind -

I have no idea what this means or to what it refers. But I am sure that sometime soon I will receive something else in the mail which may or may not give me more clues to what the hell is going on!!

Please, if you are the person who is doing this - Don't let on - I am enjoying the mystery and would like to see it through to some conclusion.

Also, if you are reading this and are an avid googler and want to do some research on the Internet to try and find out whats happening then feel free to do so, but please, if you do find out whats happening - please keep it to yourself and let the mystery play out for me!

Lastly - the final weird thing for today. I have been playing a logic game - where you have to help various people or items across a rover using carefully set rules - One being the old favourite of a fox, chicken and bird feed - If left alone the fox will eat chicken or the chicken will eat bird food. Anyway, one of the levels presents the problem as per this picture.....

So - a robber will 'kill'' anyone if left alone without the policeman (So the robber is actually a Murderer?) Also the evil mothers will beat up the other mothers children - just because they have different coloured hair! What kind of world do these people live in? The only sensible person is the policeman.. or is there something we don't know about him??

Right - that's it for now. Micky Bubbles is singing on the radio, so I'm going to listen to him and then pop off to work.


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