Sunday, January 10, 2016

Real historical evidence for neolithic beer chillers.

Whats this??
Yep, if you are over 4 years old and have therefore begun your lifelong quest of achieving drunken oblivion, then you will at some time use one of these amazing space age boxes. Its a wonder of human ingenuity. It was invented millions of years ago by neanderthal human like people to keep dinosaur heads in so that they didn't smell too much. But over the millions of years that humans have been growing plants and fermenting bits of them in order to get shit faced we have also been using these naturally occurring plastic boxes to store our fermented booze juice.

One long hot summer in about 1423 a Welshman by the name of Daffyd Llansheepsheerer was going out to tend his flock and set the odd fire. His local brew (Daffyds death deuce)had been outside his cottage all evening and the drink had been chilled by the cold evening dew. Daffyd packed his lunch away in his box (the actual box is shown above) and he headed off into the beautiful welsh countryside. Upon arrival at work a few hours later he sat down to take a sip of the booze and realised it was still cold! 'Peli Defaid', 'cwrw oer' (Don't forget to translate) he cried. and after downing all his booze he had a kip and then ran back to town to inform the rest of the village of his discovery. The plastic wheeled lunchbox used for millennia by humans around the world now only ever to be used to chill beers. and keep the odd human heart alive between bodies. The cooler was born.

However, in Canada things are different. Not only is the cooler to be found in every house during the hot summers, it can be found outside in winter too. Some people who have small dogs use them to take their little pets for walks. The dog gets out without getting too cold and the handy wheels mean they don't get tired Plus there is a small drain plug for any accidents inside the box. Also due to the quite chilly winter weather the 'cooler' is also used as a 'protector' to prevent the cool chilly tasty beer being frozen solid into a block of nicely coloured undrinkable ice. It was especially useful during the annual winter classic boot hockey game at the Cowtan/Mutchmor Christmas dinner attended by all the family on Christmas day. Fun was had by all with drinkable booze!!

Christmas and the holidays have been a busy time for everyone.Me and Buffy were quite lucky and only had two places to be on Xmas day, but the days leading up to and after Xmas were busy with Cousins dinners, family dinners, get together with friends and lots of drinking and partying. Here are a few highlights from Xmas week.

Susan wearing her reindeer horns maybe?

Me and a knife!

Stef, Cindi and possibly the worse record we could find for them! It really is bad!

Me and Alex smiling and drinking!!

Last night we went out with Haley to see the Manitoba Moose play Ice hockey. The moose are the lower league version of the Winnipeg Jets - a bit like a reserve team in football terms. Tickets are under $30 compared to over $150 for the same seat to see the jets, so we could get some really good seats right next to the ice and see the players up close hitting each other. The Moose lost 4-1 to the league leaders from Toronto, but it was a good night along with a good crowd of at least 8000 and Mick E Moose (Is Disney aware of the mascots almost stolen mouse identity)
Mick E Moose - Not a mouse

I have one more photo to post. But I must explain - Im not fat, I dont have a big arse and this wasnt my fault. The trousers must have been faulty in some way.......

I split my pants!!!

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