Tuesday, June 30, 2015

dust, signs, deers, aliens and a dog with one eye

Aliens have landed!!! They have begun the process of 'swapping' the bodies of humans with alien bodies unrecognisable from the real thing. These bodies are grown overnight in 'pods', which are hidden away under stairs or in garden sheds. There is only one way to tell if someone you know has been taken over by the aliens....so keep an eye out and watch for these meaningless 'alien' scribbles appearing in everyday posts on Internet sights.... things like '#amazingfeet', or '#myfrontteethlooklikeacamels' or '#beachdogfun' - whatever these strange unintelligible messages mean they are given away by the utterly meaningless hashtag which previews every one! I'm risking everything by telling everyone out there as I know that some of you have already been 'TAKEN'...... May the might of human nature come together and rid us of this evil!!!!!

Anyway, enough of that (#weirdstarttomyblog) and welcome one and all - alien being or not to yet another strange insight to what weird shite goes on in my mostly empty head whilst I am doing stuff that I shall tell you about in the next few paragraphs....

After the last installment I did a few more days at work and then spent a lovely short weekend out at Joel's new (and old) family cabin by the lake. It was Joel's birthday not long ago and he invited a few of us down to share a few beers, some great food cooked by Matt and a long long long midnight soak in an especially lovely outdoor hot tub.

Joel's family cabin is at a different lake to Buffy's and is completely different - Where as the Cowtan Cabin is on an island this one can be drive right up to. Buffy's cabin consists of 4 different building over a small area - Joel's cabin is one small building with kitchen, lounge and bedroom all in one. Where did you all sleep I hear you cry? Well, I say - Joel and his family are building a new cabin just behind the original one - only the new cabin is different  - its goddam massive and should be described as a castle or a resort! When finished it will have loads of bedrooms, a downstairs games room, a lovely huge kitchen and living room with deck overlooking the lake  - it is going to be spectacular to say the least. At the moment it is a complete building but needs to be finished inside - a job being carried out by Joel's dad and family. It did give us all somewhere to sleep though and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing weekend at the lake including feeding the deer!

Hot tub by the lake

Lake, trees, old cabin and new huge cabin  - in that order!

Trying to catch dinner
As well as relaxing by the lake, we took a walk to the start of a local 65km long trek - The Manitario trail. Buffy and Joel had put up a sign a couple of years ago to help lost walkers find the end of the trail (they themselves nearly missed it!) so we went to find the sign and see it it was still there - happily it was and is still looking good!

Which way do we go?

Yay, we put a sign up to help!

 In other 'news' apparently we didn't buy a ford fiesta last month, but we appear to now own a spaceship from a 1960's cartoon.......at least thats what it looks like if we leave the boot open....


I have also been working hard preparing Buffy's old furniture so that we can use it when we move into our new house in August (Yes, we move in at the end of August - please don't send any mail to the house yet  - Yes, someone did!)
It was quite old furniture and needed a good clean up and priming before being painted - I have completed a lot of it but still have some more to do - I think its looking quite good so far though....

Here are some before photos.....

Here's some photos during the process...

 And one completed set of drawers.,,,
Id say its looking quite good!
Whilst we have been about these last few days we have spotted some weird stuff going on -
Firstly someone appeared to have had a bad day in the Home Depot parking lot....

Maybe he dropped the paint and the de-materialised leaving his coveralls behind!

Then there is the castle which appeared on a quite normal street corner..

Yep - its real!!

Strange! eh!
We have a one eyed dog living next door..
He is quite cute really!
and finally I went back to my childhood and let a huge ice cream dribble all over my hands...

Waiting for ICE CREAM!

I wiped it on my tshirt when I finished - what the hell!
So that's it for now - remember to look out for the aliens - #theyareoutthere

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