Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just who is Ped Xing?

Well, its been a couple of weeks since the last post and in that time a lot of things have changed. The rain disappeared and for about 18 hours it changed back to winter with a small splattering of snow overnight and a freeing cold day. Then that departed and we have had a lovely hot week - temperatures into the 30's - the air con on in the house and car ad generally a lovely warm fuzzy feeling about the weather and the world in general. Now, today as I sit down to update this ridiculous blog of mine I peer out of the window and see cloud, drizzle and puddles! Haahaa, who said there wasn't any weather in Canada.

Do you know what this means?


What if I showed you this?

 It would make more sense if written in Chinese!!

Anyway, here's another version which might give it away....
Yep, you got it - It is actually saying ' Pedestrian Crossing'.
Well, this is one of the things that has been confusing me over the last weeks since my re-arrival here.
Along side this you get the pedestrian crossing signs high up above the roadway - which in my opinion is not where I should be looking whilst changing lanes  - this is the reason that there was very nearly one less Canadian last week as I avoiding killing hi as he crossed the road - should I be looking up to see the sign or down to see the pedestrian? Hmmm

Aside from trying to cull the locals we have been very busy with trying to settle into our new situation over here. The situation is constantly changing....... Buffy is now busy back at work with Wilderness Supply and I also start to work with the company tomorrow! I already knew Rick the manager and after sitting down for a chat a couple of weeks ago he offered me a job in the store - so tomorrow I will be there at 10am and ready to get going selling kayaks, canoes, shoes and mosquito repellent amongst lots of other stuff. The staff there are a good bunch and I know most of them already so I'm really looking forward to it. I also had the opportunity to join in with a couple of evenings product knowledge lessons - one in the store learning about paddles, pfd's and dry suits and one outside on a local stretch of water trying out some of the kayaks and SUP boards.. Good times!

The guys at Wilderness Supply!

Chatting about Kayaks and SUP boards.
 The final little bit of news has probably been spread about by everyone anyway, so you are no doubt aware that after 2 weeks of looking at houses we made an offer that was accepted on one...After all the looking at various parts of the city and checking out different areas we have bought a house just 300m from where our old apartment is. The new house is on Westminster Avenue and is actually a little closer to the nearest beer store than the old apartment. Its also unusual in Canada in the fact that it is attached (semi detached as we say in England) The interior is also set up in a very similar way to UK houses with a large living/dining room, kitchen and lobby downstairs and 3 good sized bedrooms upstairs with the main bathroom. Outside there is a small garden with a deck and garage. Then downstairs is a reasonably large basement that can double up as a 4th bedroom as well as a TV room/den. There is also a 2nd bathroom with shower downstairs and a laundry room.
The house

Living room  - not our furniture!




We are both really happy to have our own place, but cant wait till mid August which is our moving in date. Till then we are going to be shopping for furniture and basically getting all our shit together! We only found the house as we were on our way to see a different one and stopped by as we saw the 'open house' signs. It is perfect for the two of us with room to grow in the coming years. So if anyone fancies it you can come over and stay!

So that is is for now - new job, new house and Buffy sorting through all her stuff at the moment ready to start moving it when we move. Its all going well!!

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