Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Geraldine Coggins, pickled onions, York and people in the pub

I'm going to talk about the general election for a minute.....STOP!!! Don't click that mouse.......please keep reading and give me a minute to explain the best way to choose who to vote for.......Its all to do with sandwiches - or butties as we call then in the real world!

OK, A week or so ago, then flyer's for various political parties began to come through our post box. As with all the other bumph that we receive (pizza flyer's, Chinese restaurant menus, people asking you to sell them your house or fit new windows) the flyer's were placed on the worktop in the kitchen to be thrown into the recycle bin. However, a short while later I was in the kitchen making myself a cheese and pickled onion buttie and wanted something to cover the worktop and slice my pickled onions on..... I grabbed the nearest thing to hand which turned out to be a flyer for a nice lady called 'Geraldine Coggins'. She is representing the green party here in Manchester and her kind looking face was the perfect thing to use as a slicing board for my food. Now, don't get me wrong - I didn't use Geraldine's image in a bad way - I like her face and I think she would be pleased that instead of throwing away the paper, I was giving it a practical use. I'm sure she would be happy for me to slice pickled onions on her face anytime (Not actually on HER FACE, but a photo of it at least.) Remember she is from the Green party, so anything to help the cause is good!!

How it all started...
We did receive other flyer's for Labour, Independent parties and Whig, but non had the same happy smiling face which made the labours of sandwich making so much easier. Also even though she has my cheese on her face along with the sour vinegar and a few drops of salad cream, Geraldine looks happy!! So my advice to you this election week - grab your flyer's, grab a knife and the bread of your choice - empty the contents of your fridge and make yourself a huge sandwich using the face of your local representative as a chopping board - Whichever one lasts the longest should be your choice...its simple really!!
A few days later and Geraldine is still smiling!!

Not only is the conservative leaflet too small - But that isn't a pickled onion welcoming face - Sorry Christine!!

In other news we are well on our way to getting ready to leave little old England - We had a lovely night out on Saturday when we hosted an evening in the Urmston Pub with a few friends and family. Thank you to everyone for coming and enjoying a few beers with us - We had a lovely time and were so pleased you could all make it. Hopefully a few of you can make it out to Canada next year for the wedding!!

The weekend before we decided to get away for the final time before leaving - so went and spent a nice Sunday afternoon and evening in the delightful City of York. A nice day was spent wandering around the city walls, up and down the quaint streets and ended sitting in a wonderful old pub - The Blue Bell - like s step back in time - where we sat in a lovely old snug, with two tasty traditional ales and resting our tired limbs.
Touch me


Whip ma whop ma arse!

York is a shambles!

In the evening we took part in the world famous Ghost Hunt, led by a crazy old dude who barks his commands at you before getting right in your face and scaring you to death! Stories of ghosts and ghouls abound in the City of York  - like the young girl who got the plague and was left to die in her bedroom - but still now can be seen sometimes looking out through her tiny bedroom window.

Scary dude...

Telling us a story

Haahaa strangle her!!

On the way home the next day we also spotted a few weird blokes wearing flat caps - who didn't like their photos being taken. Then back in Manchester we finished the day with a tour of the BBC at Media City. We walked around visiting the live radio studios and watching the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra practising - Unfortunately we couldn't take photos in there, but we were allowed to take pictures in the Match of the Day studio!!!

Silly blokes!  

Wheres Gary Lineker?

View through the camera

In a soundproof room

One of the public getting a photo of him doing the weather
Finally, I went for a run the other day really early and it was still frosty on the ground - So I went down to Urmston meadows and had a lovely time taking some photos of the River Mersey with fog rising from the water into the cool morning air - a lovely morning!!

Plus some old sofas!!!

Ok, that's it for now - Ill post again next week before we get off to Canada!!!

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