Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers day

So today is fathers day and the first fathers day since dad died just 10 days ago.
Its been a hectic, sad and difficult couple of weeks, but I wanted to write something in my blog about it. Not only so that everyone is aware of the news and how the family is coping - but for me for the future so I can look back on it myself and remind myself on how it felt and what we did.

I always try to keep everything in chronological order though so before I write about dad, I want to update everything else...

My new job is going well - Last Thursday, after a couple of days train in I did my first lone job -  a simple task of completing some basic maintenance on a site in NorthWales. I drove my van all the way to Holyhead on Anglesey and had a lovely day. On the way there I stopped at Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgo­gery­chwyrn­drobwll­llanty­silio­gogo­goch, for a look around and take a photo.

The famous railway station sign

What it actually means!

Then on the way back to Manchester I passed through Towyn, Rhyl and Prestatyn where we have had many happy holidays as kids and with my mates in the 90's. I was actually quite sad to see that the Rhyl Sun Centre had closed down and is now an empty shell with and empty swimming pool and derelict deckchairs scattered about its insides. We had some great days there in summers gone by and I hope it can be saved!

Here's a few pictures of the inside...

It was later that Thursday that mum called with the news about dad and so me, Chris, Buffy and Emma all made our way to Skegness that night to be with mum.

I will admit that I was little or no use for the first couple of days in Skeg. My dads death hit me hard and unexpectedly so and I'm so glad that Chris was about to take control of things. He was brilliant and looked after mum and us all - supported by Emma and Buffy. Both Emma and Buffy were amazing. They helped out tremendously wit arrangements and support for Mum, Chris and me. I'm so glad that they were there with us. So thank you two from the bottom of my heart.

The weekend in Skegness wasn't fun - Funeral arrangements were made for June 24th and a lot of tears were shed, but we got through it.

We took a drive to Dereham in Norfolk on the Saturday to see Uncle Tony and Aunty Joyce. It was also really great to see Sharon and Tracy and little baby Cheyenne - who mum loved playing with. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and have a good natter about dad and lots of other things
Mum and Cheyenne

We knew we had to get on with things and so on a lovely bright and sunny Sunday morning we took mum out to see the sea. We also got some cockles and mussels from the little seafood stall by the lifeboat. Mum had mussels (which dad would never let her have) and thoroughly enjoyed them - more than Buffy did!



She don't like them!

She does
There was also a display of birds on the sea front - an eagle, a hawk and lots of different owls which my dad would have loved - so we spent a while looking at them and enjoying the peace, quiet and sunshine.

My dad would have loved the owls

and the eagle!
Me and mum also went around town in the car to inform some of dads old friends and workmates of the news. I had made a little handout with the details of the funeral arrangements and celebration - but we ran out of them and had to resort to writing the details down on scraps of paper. He and mum are very popular and have lots of friends around Skegness. Mum even hijacked a bus to tell the driver (a friend of dads) about the news.

Stop that bus!!
Me and Buffy also took a walk in to town later in the day and ended up spending an hour looking at the wonderful Model Village. I hadn't been here since I was a kid and thoroughly enjoyed getting away from things for a short while. It turns out that it is run by one of dads old friends - Skegness is a small town!




Finally, on the Sunday afternoon we were due to leave Skeg and bring mum home with us for a few days, but dad must have noticed and a huge storm surrounded Skegness for over an hour  - huge drops of rain fell from the sky and the garden that dad loved got flooded as it has many times in the past. Maybe it was a little reminder from him that we should get busy out there and keep it looking nice - I promise I will do my best dad.

Flooded garden

It really rained hard!
That's how the last weekend went. Like I say, it was incredibly hard to get through but we are coping well with the great help of family and friends. My last few photos today are of my dads garden - he loved it and spent most of his days out there, this is how it looked when he left. We will try and keep it as nice as we can for you dad.


  1. I like the miniature prices in the miniature town! Jon

    1. Haahaa yeah - Its a great little place to visit!

  2. nice write up bro, sorry I couldn't be there to help xx

  3. Give your Mum and the rest of your Family our sincere condolences on your recent loss. Mike and your Mum were regulars in the left-hand side pews at St. Antony's Church, Trafford Park and were great friends to the community. Our feelings are with you at this time. Ann and Tony.

    1. Thanks Ann and Tony. I will pass on your message.