Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anniversary, Birthday and a dream about a dead Ant (and Dec)

Once again its been a busy couple of weeks for us all here in Manc land - although we seem to spend as much time away from home as we do here and it is giving me weird dreams about TV on to find out about cannibals and Ant & Dec!

Last week we began with a drive to Skegness again - this time though we were there to celebrate mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Tony and Joyce were unable to make it, so me, Buffy, Chris, Emma and Aunty Brenda all made our way there from Manchester.

Mum, Dad and Brenda

Enjoying the meal
Us four youngsters had booked a cool caravan in Southview leisure park for the weekend and enjoyed getting away from it all for a night. The caravan was great - with a huge front room, TV, kitchen and a great shower and was well worth what we paid.

Aunty Brenda stayed with mum and dad in the spare room. Brenda had also had a wonderful cake made, similar to the original one that mum and dad had for their wedding 50 years ago.

A few of mum and dads xards

The brilliant cake!
The evening began when we were picked up by a huge posh minibus/taxi from mum and dads and driven out to the Gunby Inn pub and restaurant. We really enjoyed a good meal and a few beers whilst mum and dad told us about their 50 years of hell and some good parts too! Mum didn't feel too well before we came out, but once we settled in the pub both she and dad really enjoyed their evening out and especially when the cake came out with an edible picture of them both on their wedding day attached. Mum seemed to really enjoy pretending to cut dads head off with the cake knife!!
Buff on the bus

Don't do it mum!

The night was over all too quickly though and we headed home full of food and a few beers for a good nights sleep. We all got together again on Sunday for a spot of brunch and a chat before we had to head back to Manchester for work on Monday - we did manage to squeeze in a Skype call with Gareth and Tracey in Australia before we left though - it was  lovely to see and speak with them both for the anniversary.

50 years together!

All of us!

Chatting with Gareth and Tracey in Oz
A week back at work followed and then all too quickly it was Friday and Buffy's birthday.
She has been talking about getting a slow cooker for the last few months, so she was really happy when she opened her present from Mum and dad to find one just like she wanted inside! Thanks mum and dad!! She also spent most of the morning of her birthday getting her hair cut and styled with a lovely tint of red (which shines a bit orange in the sunlight) which was my present alongside the bicycle bell I also bought her, which she now uses to call me to make her tea or dinner!! I am now her slave!! Buffy was also really happy when Chris and the kids got home with flowers, cider, cards and a cake with re-lighting candles for her birthday - I know she was genuinely touched by the presents and cards from Abbie, Peter and Joe!!
Cooking time!

Bugar - the candles are still lit!

Blow harder
We also finally took our free hotel stay that we won in the Valentines Mr and Mrs Contest in February. We have just spent the night in 'The Huntsman' - a lovely hotel and pub situated in the Yorkshire Moors just outside Holmfirth. We had a huge family room with 5 beds including a big double bed in its own room with en-suite bathroom. Out the window we had some nice views of the wet and windy moors and we really enjoyed leaving the window open during the night and listening to the sound of nothing but the wind as it blew across the moors.
Wet and windy moors

The Hotel

Our room was named 'Riding Wood'...fnaar fnaar!!

The evening was spent enjoying a couple of cold beers and a huge meal in the friendly little bar just under our room. A lovely and free stay in a lovely countryside pub and hotel.

It was during the night that I had a very strange dream......

The Dream.

Ant and Dec were on TV but Ant went missing for a few weeks meaning that Dec carried on by himself. After a few weeks Ants mutilated remains were found in a cave - where he he'd been dragged, killed and eventually eaten by cannibals who lived there. At the same time all this was happening I discovered that my dad (not my real dad, but someone who was my dad in the dream) had a different surname from me.

Dec then went to the place where Ants body was discovered and left a full pint of beer as a memorial to his dead friend - Dec then went skipping off happily with Steven Mulhern who was now his new TV partner - Ant was already forgotten. Things then got weird when Dec and Steven Mulhern were talking and discovered that Dec had the same surname as my dream dad and was therefore my brother. That's when I woke up......Just a normal weird dream for me!     

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