Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunnny days and a look around Hyde for my dad!

Its sunny sunny sunny and me and Mrs Buffmeister are heading down to the local pub this afternoon to mellow out with a lemonade and a bit of fresh air - Im sure that everyone else in the UK, who has been here for the last few months while it has been persisting down every day will no doubt be planning on something similar to take advantage of the glorious spring weather we are now experiencing.

Anyway, we have been away this weekend for a quick trip to Skegness. The main reason for us to go was to try and get some of my paperwork that I need for our application to go and live in Canada. Up in the loft at my mum and dads is all my army paperwork and certificates from school. We needed to get a load of information from all these and also decided to take the opportunity to clear out a load of clag that I have had stored in the loft for the last couple of years. We spent a good couple of hours up there, going through old boxes, bags and rucksacks and eventually filled my mum and dads downstairs corridor with stuff to get rid of - there was a lot more of it than I imagined!!

Buffy and all my stuff to go to the tip and the charity shop!
 We eventually filled the back of my car with stuff to get thrown away and the back of my dads car with lots of stuff to go to the charity shop in town - cheers for the help dad!

Earlier in the afternoon my mum had fulfilled one of the things I came back to the UK for  - how to make her Beef stew and dumplings. I had attempted to make it 'just like mum', a few times while we were in Winnipeg - but although I was pleased with how it turned out, I just couldnt get it right. Buffy had told me she liked it a lot and couldnt believe that my mums would be better than mine. However, after an hour spent in the kitchen with my mum we realised our mistakes - the wrong cut of beef, frying the meat before stewing it and adding potatoes to cook in the stew instead of seperately are just a few of the ways in which we were wrong in our methods. Mum also spent a while showing me exactly how to make the dumplings - I think I was making them too sticky, which meant that mine werent soaking up the juicy gravy  - so thats another way to make them better. We also trialed out the worlds first square dumpling - which turned out better than expected...

Square dumpling...

All ready to go into the stew

Floury hands
 We had a really nice weekend in Skegness - the weather was lovely so half an hour was spent watching people and their dogs playing on the beach as well as enjoying a nice lunch with mum and dad at Wendys cafe. We will be back in Skegness in just a few weeks to celebrate mum and dads 50th Golden Wedding anniversary - so hopefully it will be just as nice weather then too!

In other matters we did notice an advert in a shop window in Skegness - It is Claudia Schiffer advertising that she developed some kind of hair product. Nothing unusual there - but the advert was placed in front of  pile of toilet rolls - so if you didnt look carefully it looks like she helped develop the toilet rolls!! I thought it was funny to imagine her with a load of flunkys around her while she wiped her arse with various colours and designs of bumwipe until she found just the right one!!

Arsewipe - By Claudia Schiffer
One more thing we talked about in Skegness was my dads old job and the office that was just by the store I work from in Hyde. Dad used to visit it all the time and was very familiar with the area - so I promised him I would take a look around and see what was left of the place.

I did wander around the outside of the entire building but apart from the Nat West bank there appears to be no more companies or people left in the building. There is a door leading inside but it has no signage on and appears to be unused, so the Ordnance Survey looks like it no longer has an office there.

Is this the right building dad?

Hyde town Hall is opposite

and Wilkies is the other side...

The old O.S. office?

The entrance door is unused and locked up
So dad, take a look and let me know if this is the right place please and if you want to see any more of Hyde!!

That's it for now - me and Buff are off to the pub for a spot of sunshine once I go round and pick up my car which has just passed its MOT!!


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