Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 wedding, a cat, chippy chips and a flat airbed.

Have you had a hectic week!? Really? I do believe you, but our week has been a bit mental!

After the fun surrounding the camping and Canada day last week, we spent a few days living at Buffy’s mum and dad’s place in the south of the city. Firstly, we used the upstairs main bedroom. Then moving in to her brother Stef’s, room in the basement bedroom, as Buff’s dad. Jon came home. Then Stef came home too, so we moved a third time – onto an airbed in the rec room (which went flat during the night) in the basement and finally we moved back into Stef’s room when he went to the cabin. This is all after moving out of our little apartment before spending the weekend camping remember!

During all this moving around, Buffy was getting prepared for the first wedding of the summer – Alena, one of Buffy’s oldest mates from when she was little, was getting married to Adam. So during the week, Buffy attended the rehearsal, then she attended the pre-wedding dinner, followed by the wedding itself on the Saturday (More about that in a minute) and finally a celebration and present opening party on the Sunday afternoon. So whilst living out of bags and boxes we have been doing all sorts of stuff for the wedding too!

Oh, I forgot to say that on the morning of the wedding we moved again – this time to a lovely little cottage type house in the Riverview area of Winnipeg. The house belongs to some friends of ours who have gone travelling to Europe for a month or so and have kindly allowed us to look after the place for them while they are away – so during all the wedding prep, we have also been moving house – again!

Yep, it’s been a busy week.

I’ll tell you more about the house in the next blog, as at the moment we are still living out of bags and boxes and haven’t yet had time to sort everything out – apart from making friends with Ash, the cat. I’m not normally a cat person, but this one is pretty funny and very clever, so we get on well!

So, the biggest excitement of the week was saved for Saturday, when after all the preparation Alena and Adam took their wedding vows in front of about 200 invited friends and family.

As Buffy is one of her best friends she was very happy to be asked to be one of the bridesmaids and very excited for the day itself. This excitement lowered a little last week, when Buffy collected her dress only to find it looked like a bag of potatoes on her (Her words not mine). She was visibly upset when she collected it, but after calling her mum for a little help, the dress was taken home and Buff’s mum performed a minor miracle – turning the poorly fitted dress into something sleek and beautiful, in a little over 24 hours. Thanks Susan – I know you made Buffy’s day!

Waiting to start!
So the day of the wedding arrived. Buff was picked up by a limo in the morning and transported around to Alenas parents house to prepare, whilst me and Jon stayed at home, waiting until the last minute to get our shirts on and head over to the wedding at about 3pm with Susan.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen
The weather was saying it was raining, but Alena and Adam must have friends in high places, as the clouds broke and the outside service took place beneath blazing sun. Buffy scrubbed up well and I decided when I saw her that it would be good to pull a bridesmaid later in the day!

Buffy - 'Filling up a little'
The service was short and very simple but romantic and we all enjoyed a couple of glasses of champagne afterwards and took some photos of us all together before heading inside for the evening’s reception and dinner.

Get a room!

The dress! Lovely!

Buff and Andrea (Who gets married in August!)
The food was great and the night flew by as we drank, danced and told stories (some stories I probably should never have repeated to my girlfriends parents! Oh, well, we all have a past I suppose!)

The bridesmaids

The professional photographer -

Susan, enjoying the speeches

Andrea - yep, shes crazy!!
After looking around a cool old Rolls Royce and spending a while playing in the wet mud by the river bank, it was suddenly 1am and the limo that picked the girls up earlier in the day, arrived to take us all home at the end of it.

The girls dancing

Cooling her feet in the cold mud

We finally got home a little after 2am and slept fitfully for the first time in the house – although when I woke up on Sunday morning, I had a slight hangover and pangs of embarrassment from the stories I had told! I’m glad I didn’t have to attend the present opening party with Buffy on Sunday and I spent the afternoon recovering and trying to sort out our stuff.

Jon and Susan


Warming up outside

Chippy chips at 11pm!
Not only do we now live somewhere else, but on Wednesday morning (Tomorrow) we are heading off again – this time to the Winnipeg Folk Festival – about an hour drive from town and where we will be camping for the next few days -Yes, it never fucking stops – I really can’t wait till next week, when there are no weddings, parties, camping trips or house moves! I just want to sit down in the evening and do fuck all without wondering what to pack next.

Need more chippy chips!

So that was a week – it seems to feel a whole lot longer, but we managed to fit it all in.
I’ll be back sometime next week to tell you all about the house, the cat and the folk fest!

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