Saturday, June 22, 2013

Knee pain and getting up early for telly!

It’s Friday evening and halfway between the day of the half marathon and the day we move out of our apartment. It’s been a hectic week which I will tell you a little about now......

Firstly the half marathon itself....
As I hope you are aware I had been doing a lot of training during the cold winter and into the current warm spell and was as prepared as I could have been for the run. I was aiming for around 2 hours and would have been exceptionally pleased to beat my training time of 1hour 55 minutes 3 seconds.
As it turned out I blasted that time away and came in at 1hour 46 minutes and 21 seconds. Needless to say I was pretty happy with that. I wondered during the race just how I seemed to be coping so well and came up with a theory.....

Thats me - 438th out of over 3000 runners. 34 out of 178 people in mt class (Male aged 40-44) and 364th out of all the men. 47 minutes for the 1st 10km.  I want to get that down to 45 minutes!!

Basically, when training I have been running on normal roads, pavements and paths. This means I have to slow down or sprint to cross busy roads and pass other pedestrians. Plus on the marathon day itself, due to the other runners and people watching the runners, there is a hell of a lot more to keep your mind occupied, so you tend not to think about the running action so much, therefore you are less knackered. Thirdly, I prepared really well for the run. I ate nothing but low fat, tasty energetic foods for the 2 days before the run and I think this prepared my body for it.

Before the start

Off we go.

300 metres in

Seeya in a couple of hours
Finally, with the added bonus of passing nearly everyone I came across (I started in the group that was suppose to run in 1 hour 50 minutes plus and a lot of the sub 1hour 50 runners in the faster group weren’t that fast) it gave me a boost that didn’t make me feel tired till about mile 11. By then I had decided to slow down a little and give myself a chance to sprint the last couple of hundred metres around the track to the finish – I know it’s showing off, but I did really enjoy taking over everyone else and finishing well in front of the crowd. The video of me running onto the track and down the straight is here – I’m the in the orange!!

All in all, the entire race was a brilliant experience. Chatting with other runners and getting cheered off the people watching made it a lot of fun – there was even an unofficial halfway beer stop, provided by some friendly people giving cups of chilled beer away to the runners. Perhaps not the best idea to drink on a warm day, but it didn’t seem to slow me down much!!

After about 5 miles of the run I had started to get a little pain in my right knee and left hip – both old injuries from my army days which flared up during the second half of the run. I didn’t think about them too much till a couple of hours later when I found that I could hardly walk! Luckily, Buffy is very adept at a bit of massage, so I spent a good hour getting rubbed down by her and felt a whole lot better afterwards. My knee got strapped up and it took a couple of days till I could walk properly again. It was Thursday till I went out for another run and everything is now feeling fine.


Some of the professional photos

near the end

My first running medal!
The rest of the week has been manic. Buff was working again with breakfast television on Monday, so we were up just after 4am and heading out to a local lake, where we spent the next four hours with Drew from BT Winnipeg, talking about canoeing, cooking breakfasts in plastic bags and solar chargers among other things. It was a lovely sunny morning and was really enjoyable apart from the sore legs!

Sunrise! 5.30am

Camera set up

Buffy showing Drew how to paddle

cooking - buffy style

Putting Drew to bed
It’s now a week before we leave the apartment and we have spent most of this week packing things up. The bed has been moved so that we have a spare room to sort out all the shit. The local charity shop has benefitted from a whole pile of useful stuff that we don’t need any more. The dining table and chairs have been given away and we are waiting for someone to hopefully take away the couch.
Moreover, we have arranged a trailer and truck for later in the week to take the stuff we are keeping to store in Meg’s basement. The apartment at the moment is looking like a bombs hit it, but it is actually organised pretty well and we are right on target to move out on Thursday – just in time for a weekend camping trip!! It’s all exciting stuff!! Honest.

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