Friday, April 12, 2013

Third world living and beautiful useless things. Plus the jets win!!

well, the long shadow has fallen behind the logging stick and therefore it is time once again for me to grab my old dishevelled typing hand from where Ikeep it behind the fridge alongside the remains of a rat that was tempted to his demise by the disgusting smell. I will take my typing hand and tell you exactly what the seeing holes in my weird shaped head have been pointing at in the last few days and what strange and indescribable stories have been lain in the blobby mess that sits just inside the hard bit on top of my stringy neck.

Firstly I will explain about the instrument I am currently using to randomly collate these letters into decipherable wordy things......

I was using my old netbook last week and noticed that things were slowing down more than bus driver picking up schoolgirls and so decided to have a look at an alternative way to conduct my online life and offline entertainment. I decided to try one of them new fangled tablet things, with a recommedation from my brother Chris. So after one aborted trip to the shop when the email I received said there were none in stock, was followed quickly by another saying one was avaliable, I collected the tablet I am currently typing on last weekend. It is a samsung galaxy note 10.1 n8010 and looks and feels fabulous.

For the first couple of days I was lik1e a schoolboy with a sexy new music teacher. I wanted to play with it all the time and couldnt get enough.......but ater a few days I realised that the sexy music mistress, was not what I wanted. Sure, it looks great, but it doesnt do what I want it to do. A prime example being like now, when for no apparent reason I cant insert a blank empty line between paragraphs. It also doesnt allow me to rename multiple files in a batch and the bookmarks in the  browser wasted a whole afternoon sleeping ti e this week before I gave up. I am just to used to working with Windows and so will be returning this sexy little number after this weekend.  its a shame as its a lovely bit of engineering, but I liken it to having replaced a faithful old pet dog with a tiger.....I still have a pet and I can take it for walks, but its just not the same. Its best I get rid of it before it bites my hand or head off. ill get my money back and look out for an all singing and dancing windows computer over the next few month... a new lively version of my old dog.

The funy thing is that for the first time ever it has become apparent to me about just why people stick with apple products....the operating systems on their laptops and phones mean that they dont get the problems I faced when trying to use an android tablet in the same way as a windows laptop. I might try again in a couple of years....What other shite has been passing through my half eaten brain this week then?

We finally got to go to a Jets game tuesday. We had tickets through the random draw website and so saw the Jets beat the Buffalo sabres 4 1 at the MTS centre. It wasnt the greatest game ever but we loved the night out and cant wait till we go again next Thursday against the carolina hurricanes. The place was sold or ut as ever and all 15004 fans lived it. The jets are also on a winning streak again, so hopefully if it continues they can make tge play offs which start at the end of the month.

Heres a few photos from the game.....

 I remember the night out tuesday a lot better than the whole of sunday! We had been out for a few beers to The toad pub, and after far too many drinks, but a great night, we were in shit state for the whole day sunday. The day was a write offf for me and was further riuned by a water leak I nthe street outside the apartment which meant no running water for the day. We had to fill a bucket from a bowser in the street and couldnt take a bath or shower ti wash off the booze. For a few days I felt like I was living in a third world country......the snow is melting at last and this reveals loads of old rubbish that has been hidden underneath it for the last few months. The pavements are at times dirtier than india, with old bottles, cans and cardboard. Plus the streets are covered in dirty brown water and soft melting ice which gives a generally dirty look to the city. Add to that the lack of running water and one of my teeth falling apart in my mouth and you can kind of follow why it has been like living in the slums of mumbai for the last few days!,!

Luckily, Buffys uncle Sandy-the dentist, managed to fit me in and mend my broken gob-bone. Thanks Sandy. Best of luck for the all dentists theatre production!!! The other fun news this week was our attempt to prove that the other teams cheat  at the pub quiz. We blatantly cheated and scored a near perfect 39 out of 40 in the first half of the quiz wednesday. Using a music application and wikioedia it is surprisingly easy t8 get a near perfect score. We sit right next to the quiz master and it took him till halfway through the second half of the quiz before he spotted us. The other teams are well spread out and would easily get away with it. We stopped cheating when spoted and ended uo with 79 points. 10 behind the winners, who we are certain must be cheating somehow. I mean with such random questions and a near perfect sciore particularly on the nigh on impossible music round, they should be earning big money on tv game shows, not a plate of nachos in a warm winnipeg pub.

Next week I intend to wander around, maybe checking scores on the sports showing in the tv and I will hopefully spot something strange happening!

The last thing I will write today is about another of the differences over here from what you hear in England,  but this time it is something I agree
with....strange eh! You may have noticed that during this post I have been missing out the word 'on' when writing about a day (instead of saying we went out ON tuesday, I say we went out tuesday) Ipersonally think this is a lazy way of doing things and it annoys me that is so often put like this over here. But the numerical version of this actually does make sense......In england we would say 175 as one hundred and seventy five. But 75 would be just seventy five......why dont we add the meaningless AND to the seventy five to make seventy and five? It makes no sense and I have noticed over here that 175 would be spoken as one hundred seventy five...with no useless AND in between. I actually like this and wil be attempting ti speak like this from now on. I use numbers a lot and have worked out that I can save myself at least 6 hours over the next 40 year, just by not saying 'and'. Thats enough for a good couple of lie ins or a night out. Well worth it!!!
So that is it for now. COmpiling this on the tablet had compounded my frustration with the damn thing and I shall now stop. THanks for reading. Any comments would be appreciated.Keep your head holes open for another super update sometime next week.Now go and do sometying more1 useful! TAaaaaaaraaaaaaaaa.

As a last note to todays entry..I have completed the blog post using my trusty old red laptop. I gave up using the tablet - sorry for all the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Its because of the bloody stupid new thing. Its getting cleaned up now and sent back.....

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