Sunday, February 17, 2013

Romance isnt dead

Have you ever heard of 'Blue Monday'? No, not the New Order song, but what has supposedly been worked out as the most depressing day in the calendar.... its a date at the end of January as which a combination of the cold weather, the length since time since Christmas, debt, Time since failing your new years resolutions, low motivation levels and lack of effort to do anything about any of these things all combine together to create what is expected to be your worst and most depressing day of the year.  Well, you will be glad to know that it has now passed by a few weeks ago - but a lot of people would disagree with the maths used to work out the date. You see these people have another day that they fear more than any - February 14th and the dreaded St Valentines day.

I have never been one to be over romantic and soft, plus I have nearly always been single on the day that shan't be mentioned, so it passed me by without a thought to even check for a card in the mail - never mind actually going out to buy one. Now things are a little different - I have been living with Buffy for a long time and wondered how we could deal with this day in a grown up manner without splashing wasted money of over expensive meals and cards created by nameless conglomerates in huge glass fronted buildings where the idea of romance is about 54th on a list of things to do - just below cutting down more trees to make more cards and firing the least expensive worker to save a few dollars. I don't really do valentines day, so was really happy when my other half suggested we go out for the evening - to a go kart track  - and spend our well earned money on racing around a track, rather than staring at each other over a bowl of nachos and wondering if the waitress is expecting a larger than average tip, just because she wished us a happy valentines day.

We did start with a meal though - at a well known restaurant too - McDonald's. Yep, I met up with Buffy  and Sierra and had a maccy d's before heading on down to the go kart track.

It was a great night - me, Buffy, Sierra and Rachel spent a good two hours in the speed world indoor arena. We started well and got faster as the night went on even breaking the fastest lap of the day before we had finished. The girls hadn't raced in go karts before, so started out a little anxiously, but some overcame any worries and we all had a great night beating our own fastest laps again and again and promising to return again soon for more racing action.
The introductory safety video...

Looking like bakers rather than race drivers!!


Ready to race

Fastest of the day

and in trouble for going too fast after the race!!

So that was Valentines day - no bullshit cards, no expensive flowers - just a good night out and one which we shall remember for fun an thrills rather than an expensive bills for over priced and undercooked food.

Just down the road from our apartment there is a wall - now that isn't anything special in itself, but this wall is a little different as it has been built out of ice and snow and is stunning. It is called 'The Wolseley Wall' and is the winter hobby of one of the locals here in Winnipeg. Using a combination of balloons, kitchen equipment and a hosepipe he has created an 8 foot high masterpiece which at night is carefully lit to show off the petal shaped sculptures made from smooth clear ice. I wont say too much about it - but take a look at the photos and then have a think about just how much work has gone into it!! Its great and I hope it doesn't melt away too quickly when the spring finally arrives - which is due sometime in the next couple of months.

The wall from the side

and the front

droopy balls

lit up nicely

close up


a lot of work

The whole wall.

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