Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Roswell.. its true..they are here!!!

Leaving Dallas I drove east across the state of Texas towards New Mexico. It was a great drive today – starting with the outskirts of Dallas and then the city of Fort Worth a little down the road. The roads quietened down after that and the buildings disappeared to be replaced by thousands of wind turbines in what must be the biggest wind farm I have ever seen. There were just endless amounts of the turbines as far as you could see. But as quickly as they had appeared they were gone and being replaced by Oil Drills. 

Wind turbines - Green power....

replaced by Oil Drills!! Black Gold!!

Thousands of them!

The oil drills were everywhere. At one point I had a clear view both sides of the road as far as I could see and all I could see was the slow motion see-sawing of thousands of these metal hulks as they pumped oil from below the dry rocky ground. I opened the car window and was smacked in the face by the gorgeous tar like smell that must be the norm around these parts! It has to be the Texan version of smelling a Chip shop in Manchester or Pizza in Italy. It’s a lovely smell and a shame I couldn’t somehow post a smell on here for you to tale a sniff.

I finally arrived in Roswell, New Mexico after a good 6 and a half hour drive. I had made good time, so after stopping at the hotel to check in I continued to drive a little further north into the New Mexico desert. This place is known for aliens after the infamous alleged crash of a UFO in the 1940’s, so I wanted to take the opportunity for a little bit of alien spotting. 

What about the aliens?

Offroading in the desert

Aaaah aliens!!

and more of them!

I had heard about a road north of Roswell called simply ‘Road 13’, where there are reports of strange goings on. I looked into the information and discovered that the most probable time to see anything ‘unusual’ is at dusk – just as the sun has descended beyond the horizon and before it gets so dark you would miss anything. This is the time to spot aliens.
The entrance to ROAD 13

So I found road 13 and drove off the highway, along a sandy dirt track and into the unknown. After a while I found an area where there was another track leading further into the desolate landscape. I turned off and drove deeper into the desert until my car could go no further. I turned around for a quick getaway, left the car and went out to see what I could find. I noticed on my watch that the time was a couple of minutes before 6pm. 

I remember nothing about what happened next, except for a strange noise all around and dull feeling in my forehead. I dropped my camera but luckily it continued to record video as the sky around me grew darker. A while later I found myself back in the car, driving back towards the highway with no recollection of the events that occurred since I had left the car. 

I glanced at my watch and it was now 3 hours later.

I don’t know what happened, but I feel like I have been in a microwave. I have checked my arse and it appears not to have been probed! All I have is this short video recording from my camera. Take a look at this and please don’t be scared. Now tell me that aliens do not exist!!
                             WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CAREFULLY!!!!!
Only watch if you are not of a nervous disposition.

I went to bed that night after witnessing unexplained white flakes falling from the sky outside. They looked like snow and felt like snow, but this is New Mexico – does it snow here!? I’m not sure what is happening!!

The next day I awoke after a fantastic sleep and found myself drawn towards the UFO museum in town. This is a place that tells the story of the UFO sightings and alleged alien beings that crash landed near here all those years ago. 
Hmmm interesting...


Aaaaah reminds me of last night...what happened!?

The museum is like stepping back in time to the 1960’s, when I suppose it was in its heyday. There are no modern computer simulations or 3d images. Just newspaper clippings, original photographs and testimony from lots of people who claim to have been involved someway in the mystery that surrounds this little New Mexico town. After my traumatic episode last night, the stories sounded familiar as did some of the photos. I almost felt like some eyes were watching me as I studied the many letters written about the incident. It was in fact a really quaint way to spend an afternoon and I was quite surprised at how many people there were looking around. When I left the museum, I was surprised that the ‘Snow’, from last night seemed to have fallen only in certain areas – One the road behind the museum, only the left side of the road was affected. The right side of the road was completely clear. Weird eh!!

What is it!?

Dead or alive? Real or conspiracy?

Aliens getting married?

Selling coke?

Doing security?

Nowhere to park in Roswell..unless...

Street lamp or Alien?

Only one side of the street with snow? Must be aliens!

The town is still in the grip of Alien fever, with strange little shops lining main street and alien themed cafes on the corners. It could really do with a facelift as its looking past its sell by date – but it is still definitely worth a visit if you are interested in the extra terrestrial and want to visit.
I’m stuck between two thoughts. On one side I like the place with all its weird little quirks, like the alien heads atop the street lights.  On the other hand it could be so much more if the museum was updated and more effort was put into more modern facilities all around. I suppose it’s a bit out of fashion nowadays as you can read all you want about Roswell on the internet and in books. But I suspect there may just be some otherworldly being in charge of everything down here in deepest New Mexico. Perhaps this strange being wants Roswell to remain as the quiet little town that it is, so that they can come back sometime soon.

Its all true!! Aliens exist!!


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