Sunday, November 11, 2012


Another week spent here in Winnipeg and very little to say about it. The weather which threatened last week to turn really cold didn’t do anything of note – until Friday evening when the wind started to get stronger again. The whole week it has been about 3 degrees Celsius and quite pleasant. But with the wind it has dropped below zero and the wind chill has added a further 10 degrees or so of chill to that. The temperature gauge in the local medical centre, which I check all the time, was showing just minus three – but the real feel was about minus 14 degrees and has been down to minus 18. Although this sounds dramatic to all us Europeans with our ‘Normal’ weather, it doesn’t feel that cold and I am beginning to have more faith in the Winnipegians belief that the ‘dry’ cold here isn’t half as bad as the warmer wet cold you get elsewhere.


Me with a crap hat on! For the photo only

It’s now Saturday afternoon and we did a bit of shopping this afternoon – walking the couple of miles or so down to Polo Park shopping centre. This is itself isn’t that interesting, but as there had been a couple of inches of snow overnight, it was the first real day of winteriness that we have had. We are expecting it to last a little longer this time too, as the weather websites and on TV are all going on about a Blizzard overnight and indeed between 15 and 30 centimetres of snow are expected depending on where you are and what site you are looking at! For now there is a covering of about 3 inches and the windy snowy conditions from about an hour ago seem to have stopped and all is quiet outside!!

Whether the weather be hot (or not)


So what of the rest of the week then? It’s been a quiet one during the days and a bit busier at nights. Tuesday was the usual pub quiz, when we had a new team member- Hayley, one of Buffy’s old friends who we ran into at Andreas party last week turned up and helped us to our best ever score of 67 and a half (those halves are important). Wednesday was the seven minutes past midnight showing (or 00.07) of the new James Bond movie skyfall. A great movie and a good night out till nearly 3am!  
Minging river

Chilly Buffy

Friday was a trip to the theatre again ad this time something completely different – Potted Potter – a 70 minute comedy show taking you through the entire 7 books of Harry Potter. It is supposed to be aimed mainly at kids, but it was also a very funny show for adults too including a full on game of Quidditch and one of the two performers getting beaten up by a 7 year old kid. Another good night out. 

The stage at Potted Potter

I fell over - not really  - photo staged for your pleasure

Head and bad snow dandruff shot

We were supposed to be out today at a family get together, but because of the blizzard warnings it was called off, which allowed us to get our afternoon worth of shopping done after enjoying watching the United v Villa game on TV this morning. Like I said, it’s been a quiet week in Winnipeg!! 

Today is the most important day and the most important two minutes of the year in my opinion. Its been showing most of the night and we have a 6 inch covering this morning, but we are just about to get ready and head out into town for the Remembrance day parade. Having been in China and Indonesia for the last two years its nice to be back somewhere where there is a proper parade and service and where we can pay our respects properly. 

Remember them.

We are now back after the 21 gun salute and Remembrance Ceremony in the snowy gardens of the Leglislature building in the centre of Winnipeg. It was a great ceremony, unfortunately without the Last Post and Reveille, but still a great way to Remember. The Last Post and Reveille were only played at the indoor ceremony at the convention centre further into town.

I did take some photos of the crowd and the end of the 21 gun salute, which took place after the 11am two minute silence which was well observed by everyone there.

The temperature and snow pile on our bedroom window sill

Look carefully - that woman is skiing into town!!

Lick that Icicle

The crowd

The guns

Overnight snow..

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