Monday, September 17, 2012


Its now Monday 17th September and after all the excitement of last week and the 25000th look at this blog its back to the humdrum normality of day to day blogness. Thanks for everyone who read and commented last week especially number 24943, who posted two comments and was unlucky to miss out on the 25000 honour. Whoever WAS 25000, either didn't realise or was too embarrassed to claim their prize and so missed out. I was online myself however at the magical moment, following the updated numbers as they came in and I can tell you that the 25000 reader was from......UK. So if you think it may have been you..well done!

25000!! But who was 25000?

So what the hell else has been happening!?

1. A new hobby.

I have started a new hobby - something I can do by myself at home, when there is nothing else to so. I must admit to being pleasantly surprised at how good I was at this new hobby and I fully intend to continue doing it when I get back from my next trip, which starts tomorrow. I wont tell you what the hobby is or even give you any clues, but you may be surprised when and if you do eventually find out. Here is one photo though, that may or may not give it away.....

Any ideas?

2. Its my birthday.

Yep, today I am a little older than yesterday (doesn't that happen every day anyway!?) It has been a great day so far - I scored 6 goals in one game on iamplayr. I also got woken up by Buffy this morning with a birthday present. Now, there has been a newspaper wrapped box sitting in the lounge for the last few days and I wondered what could be inside it. So when she presented it to me this morning, I opened it with vigour - only to find a horrible thing inside. She had wrapped up the stupid, massive, canoe pack that I had lugged around on the canoe trip a few weeks ago. I tried to hide my disappointment and even managed to curl myself up and fit inside the thing. But joy of joys!! Buffy then surprised me with a smaller, gift wrapped box, which inside contained a hand made and knitted orange hat as scarf - Buffy had been knitting it herself for the past two months, getting up early at the cabin and spending time in a cafe around the corner from the apartment, when I thought she was out with friends! Its lovely and warm and made from soft plush New Zealand Merino wool. Its funny as just a couple of days ago, I told her I would love a new hat to wear in winter, as I had lost my old one somewhere earlier in the year.

The mystery birthday box....

Me, inside what was inside...the bloody Canoe backpack!

Lovely warm fluffy orange ace present!!

The new one fits perfectly and covers my ears and neck, meaning I will be toasty warm when the horrible freezing cold winter hits us soon!! Thanks Buffy - its a brilliant present!!

Anyway, before my birthday we had the weekend and so we went out on Friday night to the posh hotel in town. We didn't stay over, but had a few drinks in the posh hotel bar, where one of Buffy's friends 'John', was playing music with his singing partner 'Helen'. During a break they cam over to chat to us and say hello and it turns out that Helen is also English and loves a good swear - just like me! So we had a good chat about home before the two of them went back to their jobs as quality entertainers and even sang a song in my honour - Mad dogs and Englishmen!! It was a lovely night out in a really nice bar and a great way to start my birthday weekend.

One the way out....

to see Johnathon and Helen... a posh bar!




Saturday morning and I made my way down to a dodgy looking pub called 'The Pemby'. Buffy had found a Man United supporters club on Facebook and I met up with Dave and Adam from the club, so we could watch the United v Wigan game. It was actually a great morning as Dave and Adam are obviously die hard reds originate from around Manchester. It was also a good game as United won 4-0. A good morning and I think I will definitely be going to the Pemby again for more games when I get back from my latest trip.

I also had a night out on Sunday with a few more mates - Joel. Andrea, Matt, Sierra, Walker, Buffy and me all enjoyed a few more beers and a giggle in the Kings Head (The Yellow dog was our original destination, but was closed on Sunday!) with a plate of proper English chips covered with Malt vinegar (Not white Vinegar!!) Thanks to everyone for coming out to help me celebrate my birthday!!

Chips in the Kings Head!!

So that's pretty much it for now. A good final week before I head off again tomorrow. Its an early start - My flight is at 5.25am. But its worth it as I fly down to Miami, Florida, where late in the afternoon my mate Dan arrives from UK. We then have a couple of weeks messing about before we head up to Nashville, where we are due to meet up with another old mate - Max for a catch up! The weather doesn't look too good though - Thunder storms every day, but at least its hot! Ill fill you in on what happens as I go along.......its going to be good!!!


  1. Not white vinegar--HA! Too funny. It was great to see you again.

    I found this comic entertaining, and thought I would share it with you. (Because it's true, isn't it?)

    Have fun in Florida!

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