Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hello there everybody,


Its 10.51 on Wednesday (I think) and I'm currently sitting on the sofa, wearing a towel, after getting out of the bath, where I watched an old episode of mythbusters on my laptop, which was precariously perched on the cistern of the toilet. I was in the bath, having completed yet another early morning run, around the local area. I did a run a couple of days ago and completed the standard 1.5 mile army fitness test in 10.18minutes. That's still under the time for a 30 year old and younger - nice!!

 You didn't need to know any of that information, but I thought instead of telling you stories about how I navigated through the wilderness of Canada or visited the White House, it would be nice, for a change, just to let you know that I do tend to spend most of my time doing normal shit. What I wont tell you is what is sitting on the table in front of me. (Its not a person) This thing is what I have been playing with in the last few days and is the start of a new hobby for me. Something to keep me amused while I am sitting at home, in the long dark winter that is coming very very soon to Canada. If you would like a clue to what the thing is or is you want to have a guess, that would be fun and a great way to celebrate 25000 hits to this blog.....

Yep, 25000 hits - that means that the 3 people that actually read this shite, have logged in over 8000 times each over the last 2 years - are you all weird or what? Now, this is where I should post the photos that I took late last week. I saw that the 25000th hit was due and so spent a couple of hours taking photos of '25000'. There was a really cool photo of some pasta shapes, all set out to read 25000. Plus all the cutlery in the kitchen, set out on the table with some glasses  - also to read 25000. I wont go on., but I spent a happy morning messing about taking loads of these '25000', photos, only to accidentally upload them to my recycle bin on my laptop, instead of the photo folder. Now some of you will say - that's OK, just look in the recycle bin. But, alas - on my computer, if you upload stuff from an external drive, to the recycle bin - it just deletes them - permanently. So, instead of the stunning photos I spent ages taking, you can, instead, look at the photos I just downloaded off the net, to promote the idea of 25000!!!!!

Oooooh 25000 miles!!


25000 Suriname things (I don't know what the currency is and cant be arsed looking!)

Now if you ever wondered what 25000 people actually look like (no me neither) here is a visible demonstrative photograph of a certain crowd in a sporting stand, that actually numbers 260000, but its close enough!!

Yep, that's just about 25000!!

So, if you happen to be looking at this page right now, take a look at the top right hand side and find the bit that states the number of hits - If it reads 24987, 24994 or 24999, then you are really close - but if it reads 25000 - then congratulations you have won!! If it IS you, can you add a comment to say who you are and that you are number 25000 please - I'm just interested to know - in fact even if you are not 25000, then it would be lovely for you to add a comment anyway, just to say hi!

Ok, enough of that - whats else has been going on I hear you say!?  (Go on say it........)

Well Buffy was working the weekend at yet another dragon boat festival, where she destroyed yet more of her works equipment (Remember the crashed truck?, Well, now she has destroyed a perfectly good tent!!) Actually it was the wind that destroyed it, but hey ho! While she was working on Sunday I went into town for 'Ciclovia'. This is an event that publicises riding your bike in stead of taking local transport and cars and was actually really good fun for the afternoon. Unfortunately the first few photos I took were also part of the recycle bin massacre, so you cant see the pictures of the soap box derby (won by a rat shaped soap box racer) but for details of the event, you can look here...

Here are the best of what remains from the rest of the photos!!

Bike polo?


Yes, he is 1 metre wide

Kids and a busker...
Shes pulled!!

Nice sunglasses Russian dude!

The legislative building.... with golden boy atop....

That's how good my camera zoom is!!

Ginger singer - singing

Old dude having his lunch
I really felt for the guy in the next few photos - he seemed to be waiting for someone, but I left before they turned up......

Sat, waiting, all alone....

Is she over there??

Or over here??

Hmm, I'm still all alone...

Ill wait a little longer...

Is that bloke taking a photo of me? (Yes, I am)


The stage and Broadway (the road)

Another shot of the Legislative building and Golden Boy...



Yeah - trainers on telegraph wires!! Cool!!

So that's it for now - don't forget to post a comment if you are 25000! I will try not to delete my photos again and we will both be better, happier and more fulfilled people in the process. Its time for me to get dressed and to have a nice cup of tea (None of that fruity tea crap - just a real proper NATO milk and 2 sugars standard english tea for me!!)

Happy 25000....!!!!!


  1. Fucking comment you bastards!!! Come on, just a little note like...Hi Rick, shit blog!! Or whatever the hell you want to write. I spend nearly 10 minutes a day doing this, it would be nicem, if once in a while you bothered your arse and actually said hello!!

  2. What are you scared of? Dont you want to be seen on here reading my blog!? I dont do it for my own good you know!! If you dont want to be recognised, then wear a false moustache (or if you have a real moustache, then try wearing a hat or something) while typing your commment - then no one will recognise you. Come on, its not like you are looking at porn, or listening to Paul Mcartney or anything THAT embarrassing!!

  3. Look, I know Im going on a bit, but if I say please (Please!?) will you leave a comment? Its so easy you can even comment as 'anonymous', like I have. Nobody knows who the hell wrote this. Not even that dick - Rick Davey. God he moans a lot doesnt he!? Shit blog too...I only look on here so I can see pictures of his girlfriend!! hahaha!!

  4. Hey dude - just a stranger from Winnipeg who happened along your blog. :) I'm thoroughly enjoying it and was telling someone about your 'jumping' pictures just the other day.

    And I'm 24,943. And I'll be curious to see who 25,000 is.

  5. Thanks 24,943 - really nice to hear from you! I wonder who you could be. Hmm...any clues?? Come on everybody else... get your fingers out and do some comments!

  6. Quit your whinging, 24961

    1. Is that who I think it is!? Do you have a little friend called Alipoops!?

  7. 24961- thanks for commenting!! Hey, its my blog, Ill whinge as much as I like!! - But it is aimed at the non-commenting blog readers, not you!! Thanks again and good luck for being 25000!!

  8. Stink! We missed it!!! Here I am again at 25,044. (You may have previously know me as 24,943.)

    1. Haahaa. Hi again 24943 - Sorry you didnt make it to be 25000!! However, as you commented and whoever actually WAS 25000 didnt, I think you deserve a special mention and a personal thank you reply from me! If only everyone was as willing as you to make a comment and say hello!! So, thanks and if it was up to me you WOULd BE NUMBER 25000!!!

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