Monday, October 24, 2011

this is a test from hotmail

Hello everyone!!

This is a test of me, trying to send an updated blog, direct from my email address.

I have just had 3 minutes of good internet here in china. I managed to upload one post in the normal way, but it took nearly 2 hours to get it to work!! I obviously now want to know if its possible to do it this way.

If you saw the other post  - about my final days in hong kong and start of Shanghai - and you can read this post too - can you please let me know at :- (just a quick email - saying 'yeah, we saw it'.  Then I will try to do this in the future, or for the next month at least while Im in China. 

Im also going to attach a couple of photos - i dont know if it will work, but if you see this post AND some pictures, can you also let me know what pictures you see?

Thanks for all that - 
Hopefully I will be able to continue posting to my blog as normal!!


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