Friday, October 21, 2011

Now, onto China.........

On day 4 in Hong Kong I spent the morning resting and in the afternoon, after a visit to the post office, I just wandered. I didnt have a plan, but wanted to see what I would find. It was a great idea!
I started out finding a cool old Chinese market selling fish – live from polystyrene boxes, plus massive live crabs, live turtles even toads in a cage! There was also a really old wooden chopping block covered in blood from all the animals slaughtered on it. Then after a walk I found a great little piazza, where there were wedding photos being taken around fountains, a really cool tree and a ball drop tower – that used to warn sailors about weather in the old days. There is also a cool old 'Dennis' made fire engine outside what used to be a fire station.

I was down by the harbour and spent a while finding a good spot to take some jump shots. It was funny as I ended up with a couple of local 'old blokes', watching me and laughing as I jumped off the rails. When I had a good shot, I showed the old guy and he said in english – Ooooh – you look strongman', wit a massive smile!! He was cool.

Fire engine




I rode the star ferry across the harbour again and ended up on one of the old Trams that run around Hong Kong Island. It was rush hour and so it was really packed, but the further we got out of town, the quieter it became- until I was in the front seat and with only about 6 people left. I then walked back into town past Times Square and following the harbour path and seeing a different side of Hong Kong – with locals fishing and living right by the waterside in wooden shacks.

Finally it was the Star ferry back across the bay to Kowloon, just as the sun went down.

My last day in Hong Kong and it was a nightmare! I went to Tsing Yi, to try and get a good view of the big suspension bridge that looms over Hong Kong, but after an hour walking the best view I could get was with a large containerbase in the way. I headed back into town and after lunch, I spent my afternoon packing my stuff and getting ready for China!

I went out for one last view of the Harbour, but it turns out that Friday night in HK is mental! Everyone is out, the trains are soo busy and I ended up in the Man United bar again, for the cheap beer and good, free food. Im now back in the Hostel and enjoying a cold beer and watching telly. Im up early tomorrow for my flight to Shanghai, but I will miss HK. Its a perfect marriage between East and West. I love it here. Enough said!  


last time by the harbour 




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