Thursday, August 4, 2011

Piss going in and piss coming out. Eggybread and the mystery of my illness continues...

Monday night was spent relaxing and watching a movie with Nikki, first on my netbook and then we watched 'I am Legend' in Thai. Luckily its one of those movies where there’s not a lot of chatting, so words don’t really matter.
On Tuesday morning it started to get silly. I was woken at 6am for a blood sample to be take, than another 8 times between 6 and 9am, people came in to drop off breakfast, clean the floor, take my vitals, take away breakfast, ask what I want for lunch and dinner, tell me I couldn’t have my choice and to choose something started to grate me. Id just lie down, start to drop off and bang bang, Mr , blood pressure – How many times you pee in last 3 hours/12 hours/ 10 minutes. I swear the nurses are having a laugh. One minute one comes in an asks how many times I have been to the toilet since 6pm, then another comes is and asks how many times since midnight. I swear that it doesn’t matter and they have a scorecard and some sort of sweepstake on the total number of pisses I have had when I eventually leave. I bet its double points if they get the amounts of 'Poopoo' right too. (Poopoo, is their way of asking, not me being a child!!)

Anyway, one of the early morning entries, was the Dr coming in to check up and he let me know that another Dr would visit me tonight. This one being a specialist on tropical diseases, who has, been away on vacation. So after a really lazy day of doing nothing apart from having shower and completing the 'zombie takes over the world' game I had my dinner at about 5pm – a single, cool not hot, steak. Served with a fucking soup spoon. God I wish I had my leather man super tool with me when I got that steak! (I ended up stabbing it with a fork left over from stirring my 'orange flavoured' gastro juice that’s supposed to stop my stomach aches untilthe steak was was easy enough to tear it apart)

Eggybread for breakfast......

Followed by orange piss, that make me piss....

Early evening came and the Dr visited just after 7pm. She did a really thorough examination (Really really thorough, balls and all!!) and asked a lot of questions, before declaring that she thinks I am getting better, but will have a few more tests over the next couple of days to see what happens. She thinks I have 'rickets-spotted-and-typhus-fevers-and-related-infections-anaplasmosis-and-ehrlichiosis' (copy and paste into google and you will get a CDC page that will tell you more)Then she left me to rest.

I rang the insurance company to see what was happening and was pleasantly surprised to see that they are on the ball and just need a consent form signing, that they are emailing me. Its not a major problem and I hope to get it done tomorrow.
For now I am off to sleep for the 4th night in my Bumblebee PJ's...I have changed them every day but they have only one style!!)

Its now just after 3pm on Thursday 4th August. I’m still in hospital but feeling a lot better and stronger again. The last few days have just blended into one big lump of doing nothing. I have slept, a lot. Drank more water and orange flavoured stuff that is supposed to help my stomach. Pissed more than I thought possible and been woken, prodded and poked at all hours of the day as the nurses bring me food, change my bedding, do my blood pressure and oxygen counts as well as putting the odd bag of anti biotics on the drip, before leaving me for an hour to sit and wait for it to slowly drain in to my veins. I have had some fun while I have been here. Watching a few TV programmes from UK that I downloaded on the net. Plus creating a daft 'Cartoon type Movie', that you can see the link to from my facebook page.

All in all its pretty boring here, but to tell the truth I am loving it. Its the first place I have spent more than 5 consecutive days in nearly a year and I really do think it is a rest that I needed, Maybe that’s why I got ill – Constant moving around, carrying my backpack onto buses, trains and air-planes, Staying in hostels, tents, buses and hotels, without ever settling for more than 2 or 3 days, does take it out of you and I gusee it has worn me down. Admittedly I'm getting really bored here in my bed doing nothing, but I have the internet, telly and a book to keep me amused, plus its comfortable and cool. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to being 100% better and getting on the road again, but I intend to take it a bit easier than I have been and I want to rest at least one day in 3 on average from now on – even if that means moving for a week or two and then resting for 3 or 4 days in a row.

I am expecting a blood test tomorrow, to see if my liver is now working properly. If it is and I don’t have a fever tonight (which will be 3 nights in a row) then, hopefully I will be released tomorrow or Saturday. If my liver is still showing signs that it isn’t right, then I don’t know what will happen. I may have to stay here a while longer or may get discharged and told to go home if it is a long term fix....that is just a guess, but I cant see them keeping me here indefinitely – The insurance people would have something to say about that and would probably prefer to pay for a flight home and then let the NHS deal with it, rather than keep paying for a VIP Thai hospital room.

I shall let you know when I have an idea what is happening. For now I’m gonna sit and sleep for an hour or two before dinner!!

Left arm - note the admission date 30/07/2554 - Buddhist calendar

Right arm- my semi permanent drip attachment - drugs go in here!!!!


  1. Cheer up big lad, could be worse, you could have a job lol. Sounds like you needed the rest though and the nurses sound like they are looking after you, not sure about the spoon and steak think though. You have to let them have a bit of fun with you ; )

    We'll I'm in Colerne on a bit of leave then off out to sunnier climates to join the rest of 21 till Nov some time. I'm wishing the next 7 years of my life away until I'm a position like you.

    Enjoy your time travelling mate, life is boring when you get back and you may even have to get a job! Not to put a downer on things even more than you already feel, but you'll soon be out of the hospital and on your way. Good lick mate.


    Jon Colbert

  2. Cheers John. Nice to hear from you mate. Dont worry about the next 7 years or so - they will fly by. Just make sure you save a pound or two every now and then. It all adds up!!
    Enjoy the sunshine and keep safe out there mate!

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