Sunday, July 3, 2011

The wheels on the bus go around and around - hopefully!!

Our last night out in Kuala Lumpur was pretty good. As it was the weekend, there was a lot more activity around. A night market had sprung up all around little India, where we are staying and so we spent a good while looking at the weird and wonderful stalls, with all sorts of strange food and offerings. There was even a big pot that seemed to have the remains of some unknown animal floating around in a brown juice – not too nice!!

We eventually left the market and found a cool street with a couple of bars and restaurants, with good cheap food. It was 5 to 9 and happy hour finished at 9pm, so we quickly ordered a couple of rounds of beers before the price went up and then had a good meal. I had some great salmon and crab fish-cakes, while Nicki, who is still trying to eat meat, had her first full meaty meal. Nasi Goreng, with chicken and prawns, which she seemed to enjoy as she finished it all.

Later on we went back to the hotel with a couple of beers as Buffy had an online work meeting. It was then an early night for me, I hadn’t slept too well in the last few nights and we have been up early to get ticket for the Petronas towers two days in a row, so I had a good long nights sleep, while the others sat up chatting in the room next door. We are leaving Kuala Lumpur tonight on an overnight bus, heading north, but before that today we are taking the afternoon to visit the ancient Hindu site of Batu Caves. This is a 30 minute train ride away on the edge of the city.

It was even hotter today than yesterday, so we are happy that the trains are air conditioned, but when we reached the caves we had to climb 270odd steps to reach the big cave. It was worth it though as it is over 100metres high inside and has a few temples and statues dotted around inside, plus massive holes in the roof where you can see the blue sky peeping through. There are also monkeys everywhere again! Buffy touched on on its tail and it turned and bared its teeth at her- she was lucky it didn’t attack her, but she knows better now, than to touch up a hungry monkey!!
We spent an hour or 2 at the caves, taking photos of the 42metre high gold statue and the massive fish in the lake, before heading back to town and the hotel to veg our in the cool air con, before leaving for the overnight bus at about 8pm.

Because the island we are going to has a lack of electricity and probably little or no internet, we may be out of touch for a few days. Ill update things when I can, but dont know when!!

Hindu god or Orville????

Definitely not Orville!!

Careful with the monkeys Buffy

Nicki and a big cave!!

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