Thursday, July 28, 2011

A day in a Thai hospital and why my arse was sore, but thats the least of my problems.

Before you read this, please note that I DONT want sympathy or anyone hoping that I feel better soon. Id much prefer if you take the piss out of me. Remember, thats what I would do if it happened to you!!! Cheers!!

This may well turn out to be a long entry to the Blog. It is my 200th posting and so to celebrate the fact I will fill you in on the exact detail surrounding our extended stay in Bangkok. The details are a bit of a blur to me- I really don’t remember much of what happened early this morning (Monday 25th July) just to say that it all began 20 days ago , when I started to suffer with what I thought was a problem with my sinuses, caused by the scuba diving in Malaysia.

In those 20 days and especially the nights, I have been a stubborn tit, feeling really ill one night and continuing on the next day, just expecting it to get better – but it didn’t I didn’t mention how bad I was to anyone, including here on the blog. There were days when I felt OK, but if you think that until 3 weeks ago I was running 2 or 3 times a week, 3-4 miles a time on hot hot days and feeling no ill effects – then on the 2nd day in Bangkok I walked about 2 miles -slowly – and could hardly catch my breath or even stand ( I spent about 10 minutes kneeling against a bannister) you may understand just how bad I actually feel and how daft I have been to have done nothing about it till now. In the past 20 days I have had fever, both hot and cold sweats, a semi permanent headache, blurred vision, dizziness, little or no appetite, shortness of breath, aching joints and limbs and a general overall weakness that I haven’t ever felt before. But as I said above, I just tried to get on with stuff, expecting it to go away. Nikki, who as I have explained earlier is a qualified Doctor, helped with getting me some meds, which you can buy over the counter over here, but as she wasn’t aware of just how bad I was feeling, she couldn’t help fully and that was my fault entirely.

Then at 4am on the last morning in Bangkok I woke up and felt like I was on fire, but also freezing cold – even though I was in an air con room and just under a thin sheet. I woke up Buffy who was sharing the room with me and as soon as she put a hand on me she let out a shriek at the feel of my burning skin. Within a few minutes I was in a cold shower and for the next hour Buffy looked after me with cold towels on my head and upper body. She tells me that we discussed how I was feeling and my opinion at the time was that my trip was over and I would be heading home the next day. At the very least I told her to force me to see a Doctor. I was actually a little scared as I have no recollection of ever feeling this ill.

I finally fell asleep again and woke up a little better, but good to her word Buffy forced me into a taxi with her and Nikki and we headed off to Bumrungrad private hospital, recommended by the British Embassy. On the way I explained to the girls about how bad I have been for the last 2 weeks and Nikki kept staring open eyed and bollocking me for not letting her know the full details.

From 1pm to nearly 7pm, I was passed around between 3 doctors in the nicest hospital I have ever been in. Neurology was first, to make sure my permanent headache wasn’t serious – Before I went to general medicine, where I had 2 head X-rays and a blood test. This came back with a high white cell count and especially high Lymphocyte count, which meant that I had some unknown viral infection. I was then sent up to Infectious diseases where I had another X-ray – my chest this time and a lot more blood was taken to check for Malaria, Dengue fever and a couple of other tropical diseases.

Its NOT dengue!!

or malaria!

White blood count - 51% lymphocytes - quite high!! Quite ill!

Fuck knows!! Doctors writing here is just as bad as UK.

During the wait I started to go downhill. The shivers started, I became restless, my head pumped pain and I started to get hot, but after an hour wait the results were in and I was cleared of Dengue and Malaria and the other tropical diseases, but the blood culture to check for bacterial results will take 2-3 days and so I was started immediately on broad spectrum antibiotics – including a massive needle full of the stuff which was unceremoniously pumped into my left arse cheek. This is why my arse is so sore!!

We were told we could leave Bangkok tomorrow, as there is no point hanging around, there is nothing else that can be done till the results come in and the medical services in Chiang Mai are also very good, so I have been told to report to a hospital there at the end of the week with my medical docs, if there is no improvement.

So that is the story of why we stayed one more day in Bangkok and my stupid body telling me I am ill, while my head says – 'Fuck it, you will be OK'.

I am really glad I went to the hospital today and as it all cost me only about £160, which I can get back on insurance, it was a really good decision. I’m hoping that by the end of this posting it says that it is now 3-4 days later and I feel fine – But we shall see. My head is spinning, my legs ache and so does my head. It is now 10pm and Nikki is actually having an online conference with her medical friends in UK, trying to find out what they think. I cant do any more about it. So I am off to sleep.

At least I have a good story to tell the folks back home!!!

It is now just after 4pm the next day, me and Nikki are well on the way to Chaing Mai and my Ice Cream is starting to melt (I will explain what I mean shortly.) Today has been OK I felt 'reasonable' this morning – not 'well', but OK Me and Nikki were up and at the train station for just after 8am, after saying our goodbyes to Buffy and Joel. Then once the train eventually left the station, I spent the next 4-5 hours spread across 2 seats trying to sleep. Its not the most comfortable train, but with my body full of more drugs than Amy Winehouse (I’m still going, she aint!) I slept quite well and only raised my head well after noon, when a couple got onto the train and having booked the seat I had been spread across, I moved into my own seat next to Nikki. Up until 4pm, the journey flew by, with lots to look at and watch out of the windows as Thailand flew by. Then just after 4pm , my ice cream started to melt..........Its the only way I can think to describe how I feel.

Imagine taking a cold crisp Ice Cream lolly out of a freezer, unwrapping it and then holding it up in the sunlight. Slowly, it will start to melt. The chocolate on the outside will soften, the ice cream inside begins to seep down the lolly stick and it becomes pliable. That’s how I feel at this time of the day. Nikki calls it me 'crashing', as whatever bastard bug I have start to wake up and have a party in my veins, muscles and head. It aint pleasant. Thinking back to yesterday though, in the Hospital, I crashed really quite quickly – going from hard, solid ice cream ready to eat, to a blob of melted vanilla flavoured milk on the floor, within half an hour. Today, thankfully it seems to be taking its time. But it IS coming. Nikki has also just shown me some of the results of last nights medical conference, with her Doctor pals from UK and its really interesting to see just how many diseases have similar symptoms and causes – usually something to do with dodgy water or food over here. On the list of Tropical diseases, so far I have the 2nd most common diagnostic – Unbelievably that is listed as – 'Undiagnosed' – yep, most people never know what they had or how they got it.

As for now, I really don’t care what I have – I'm just going to keep taking the drugs and see what happens. Happy days!!

Its now Thursday lunchtime – We have been in Chaing Mai for 36 hours and I have spent about 30 of those hours in the room. I get out to visit the 7-11 and buy something to drink, normally gatorade and also to have some breakfast and dinner, but I’m still knackered and feeling like shite. There has been some improvements – My headache seems to have died down a little bit and I don’t feel as tired so hopefully they are a sign that I'm on the mend. Nikki has been really good, making sure I'm OK and looking around the town on her own. I feel a bit guilty, not being able to do anything, but I just want to get better now.

Breaking news – Its 8pm Thursday night and after resting all afternoon, we have just got back from a walk to a local shopping centre where I bought some new flip-flops to replace the ones 'stolen', in Bangkok. I also ate a tiny pizza, which sounds lame, but it is the largest meal I have had in nearly a week. Most amazing than anything is that I walked there and back – about 2km each way and although I feel tired I haven’t yet had my normal daily 'crash', yet. My head has a dull ache, but nothing too bad and I don’t have any shivers or real aches yet. We also saw a little more of the town, like the market and some of the temples on the way home. I’m going to rest for the night now though and see how I feel tomorrow, but im hoping that finally, after 22 days, the end is coming!!

Whats left of my biggest meal in a week

Dodgt panda statues - dont ask me!

Our cock shaped swimming pool (the bollocks are actually jacuzzis!!)


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