Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singapore -wet wet wet - hot hot hot.

Our flight from Bali to Singapore took 2 ½ hours and for the whole time a canadian girl behind us sat with her cardigan over her head. We guess she had been out the night before and needed some sleep. She missed some great scenery though as we flew over the volcanoes of Java, before the ocean.
On arrival in Singapore, we bought a ticket for the shuttle bus into the city from a very nice Asian bloke, who flirted all the time with his female assistant and walked us out to the bus stop himself.

It wasn't that hot but Singapore is very humid and the air is almost like breathing soup!
Once in town we booked into our hotel, which is very small, but very comfortable. It is basically a bed, with no floor space and a small bathroom, where the shower is over the toilet, but for Singapore it is cheap and it is very cool.

Our first trip out was to the Night Safari at Singapore zoo. We waited over half an hour for the bus to finally arrive, before the 30 minute drive out of the city.
The night safari is like a zoo, but seeing the animals at night, like, the leopard, tiger, rhino and things like bats and sloths is a really cool concept. We spent a good two hours wandering down dark paths wondering what we would see next. It was a really good night with two shows included as well. The first was a fire eating show, before the safari started and the 2nd show was a Creatures of the night show, where animals come onto stage and interact with the trainers and audience. This included a massive reticulated python and a recycling otter that puts cardboard into the correct recycling bin. It was a really good and unusual show.

After the bus home we had a beer in a pub down by the riverside and weren't surprised that a pint here costs about £7!! I don't think we will be drinking much over the next day!!

Our second day in Singapore and we started with a look around Chinatown, before the heavens opened!! It really pisses down here when it rains and so we took shelter in a shopping centre and had a spot of lunch till the rain stopped. Then it was a tour of the Marina Bay area – The entertainment and touristy part of Singapore. We were still very wet though as teh humidity here is around 80%!  
Our main aim was to visit the Marina Bay Hotel, which is 200metres high, has 2500 rooms and is made of 3 towers, with a massive roof adjoining them in the shape of a ship! It has to be seen to be believed. Anyway, we bought tickets to visit the roof later that afternoon and then had a ride on the Singapore flyer – The largest observation wheel in the world. It was really good with great views over the city and the pit lane of the Formula 1, grand prix track, which runs around the bay.

After a good look around and a rest we went back to the Marina Bay in the evening and watched the city as it got dark and was all lit up. Below us in the 3000 seater open air theatre that floats on the marina, there was a practice for a big show next month, with lots of military personnel and equipment, including helicopters and speedboats, which ended with a free firework show.

Our last stop was at the famous Raffles Hotel, where the Singapore Sling cocktail was invented and is one of the must do things to do here in Singapore. At £15 each it isn't cheap, but we enjoyed sitting in the famous 'Long Bar', of the hotel and shelling peanuts whilst we drank.
It has only been a flying visit to Singapore, but another country to add to my list and a great place to stop in, if you are ever passing through on your way down under. There are lots of sights and the people. Like most places here in Asia are really friendly and welcoming. Tomorrow we head north on a bus to Melaka in Malaysia, where Buffy is waiting to meet up with us, before we continue together to Kuala Lumpur. 

Fire breathing show at Singapore Night safari


Marina Bay Hotel in daytime - stunning

At night - even more stunning

On the Singapore Flyer

The flyer from the roof of the Marina Bay Hotel

A Singapore sling!

The city from the roof of the Marina Bay hotel


  1. really cool,and i am looking forward to see
    these stunning places.

  2. i'm leaving today i bet i'll see all these awesome, cool, outstanding places.